H.R.972: Preserving Freedom from Unwarranted Surveillance Act of 2013

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This bill was introduced in the 113th Congress
This bill is primarily about crime and law enforcement
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Sponsor Austin Scott, R-Ga.
Total Cosponsors 2 (All Republicans)
Introduced March 5, 2013
Latest Major Action April 8, 2013
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Bill Summary

Preserving Freedom from Unwarranted Surveillance Act of 2013 - Prohibits a person or entity acting under the authority of the United States from using a drone to gather evidence or other information pertaining to criminal conduct or regulatory violations except to the extent authorized in a warrant issued under the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure.

Defines a "drone" as any powered, aerial vehicle that does not carry a human operator, uses aerodynamic forces to provide vehicle lift, and can fly autonomously or be piloted remotely, be expendable or recoverable, and carry a lethal or nonlethal payload.

Exempts from such prohibition the use of drones to: (1) patrol national borders to prevent or deter illegal entry of any immigrants or illegal substances, (2) prevent imminent danger to life or serious damage to property or to forestall the imminent escape of a suspect or destruction of evidence when drones are used by a law enforcement party under exigent c...

(Source: Congressional Research Service)

Bill Actions

Date Description
April 8, 2013 Referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, And Investigations.
March 5, 2013 Referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary.