H.RES.58: Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that any comprehensive plan to reform our national energy policy must promote the expanded use of renewable and alternative energy sources; increase our domestic refining capacity; promote conservation and increased energy efficiency; expand research and development, including domestic exploration; and enhance consumer education.

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This bill was introduced in the 113th Congress
This bill is primarily about energy
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Sponsor Robert E. Latta, R-Ohio
Total Cosponsors 0
Introduced Feb. 6, 2013
Latest Major Action Feb. 8, 2013
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Bill Summary

Expresses the sense of the House of Representatives that, in order to meet our nation's growing long-term energy demands and maintain our economic viability in the world marketplace, any comprehensive and economically viable energy bill must address: (1) taking advantage of our abundant domestic coal supply; (2) using recent technological innovations to exploit our vast supply of natural gas; (3) increasing our domestic oil production and refining capacity; (4) expanding the use of renewable and alternative energy sources, with a focus on nuclear energy; (5) providing incentives for an increase in conservation and energy efficiency; (6) expanding research and development through new methods such as public-private partnerships; and (7) enhancing consumer awareness and education regarding methods to increase energy efficiency and available alternative fuel sources to reduce our dependence on Middle Eastern oil.

(Source: Congressional Research Service)

Bill Actions

Date Description
Feb. 8, 2013 Referred to the Subcommittee on Energy and Power.
Feb. 6, 2013 Referred to House Science, Space, and Technology
Feb. 6, 2013 Referred to House Energy and Commerce