These maps of the Tuscaloosa City School system show how the gerrymandering of high school attendance zones impacts the racial makeup of city schools.

Before redistricting
After redistricting
In 2000, the school board said creating an all-black high school, Central, could not be avoided because of where black people lived in the city. But this map shows Central is not located in the all-black part of town where its attendance zone was drawn. The school is, in fact, physically located in a racially mixed neighborhood.
The school district’s 2007 rezoning plan removed heavily black areas in west Tuscaloosa from the integrated Northridge High’s attendance and assigned them to Central.

Each dot represents one child under 18.


Graphic by Jeff Larson. Source: 2000 Census, Tuscaloosa GIS Department. Additional research by Michelle Schmitt and Steve Doig. School icon by Daniel Turner.