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New York State Subsidy Tracker

Tracking the State’s Growing Portfolio of Business Subsidies


Received at least $11.1M in subsidies between 2011 and 2014.

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In cases in which the time period is marked “total,” the subsidy value is the total lifetime amount the company will receive for the project. For all other subsidies, the amount listed is the total for that year.

County location information is only listed for programs for which the state provided the data. Not all programs report jobs figures.

Depending on the program, the year listed can be the year a subsidy was awarded or issued. For more details, see each program's page.

For subsidies that are require annual reports, companies promise to create a total number of jobs over the course of the subsidy, which may last many years. Each year, companies report how many jobs they've created cumulatively as of that year. Therefore, not all jobs figures can be combined.

All Subsidies

Year Time Period Type Program County Jobs Promised Initially Jobs Reported To Date Value
2014 Annual Tax Credit New York Film Tax Credit 2485 $8.0M
2013 Annual Tax Credit New York Film Tax Credit 481 $1.8M
2013 Annual Tax Credit New York Film Tax Credit 799 $1.3M

Source: Data on subsidies from the Excelsior Jobs Program, Industrial Development Agencies and Local Development Corporations are sourced from New York’s open data portal. IDA data accessed on July 21, 2016. LDC data accessed on Feb. 21, 2017. All other program data sourced from agency reports and Freedom of Information requests to Empire State Development, the state’s economic development arm, and other state agencies. Download the raw program data in the ProPublica Data Store.

Methodology: Read our methodology for collecting the data.


Except where otherwise noted, data is for subsidies granted or given out between 2011 and 2014 under the above-named programs. While these programs comprise a significant cross-section of the state’s growing portfolio of economic development programs, they don’t include every subsidy dollar.

Subsidies tracked include grants, tax breaks, low-cost leases and discounted power allocations given out under each program; loans and bond issues are excluded from the data because they have to be repaid.

The number of corporate subsidiaries reflects only the subsidiaries we were able to verify though our research. Companies may have more connections with other companies not listed in the data.

IDA and LDC subsidies are given out by local entities; all other programs are administered by New York State.