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Prostate Removal

Radical prostatectomy (ICD-9-CM code 60.5)

The removal of the entire prostate gland via the open or laparoscopic or robotic method. Usually performed to treat prostate cancer. More information External link 52be2b4367cfb6db1164bdeed0171197ab10172e55a8db3542a9c308908df2ba

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Performed Procedure 173 times
Complications 0
Raw complication rate 0
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Prostate Resection

Other transurethral prostatectomy (ICD-9-CM code 60.29)

The resection and removal of a portion of the prostate through the urethra. This is most commonly done because of an enlarged prostate that may be restricting the flow of urine. More information External link 52be2b4367cfb6db1164bdeed0171197ab10172e55a8db3542a9c308908df2ba

This surgeon performed fewer than the 20 cases required to have an adjusted rate in Medicare.