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Providers are grouped by their self-selected primary specialty in the National Plan and Provider Enumeration System (NPPES). This doesn’t necessarily mean the person has special training or certification. Services shown are for Medicare Part B only. (Note: Some specialty names may appear more than once because they have different underlying codes in Medicare.)

Providers Specialty
391 Family Medicine
323 Physical Therapist
260 Physician Assistant
229 Chiropractor
198 Nurse Practitioner, Family
174 Internal Medicine
143 Anesthesiology
126 Optometrist
93 Emergency Medicine
87 Physician Assistant, Medical
83 Clinical Social Worker
79 Nurse Practitioner
78 Suppliers Community/Retail Pharmacy
77 Diagnostic Radiology
71 Surgery
65 Orthopaedic Surgery
59 Psychiatry
58 Obstetrics & Gynecology
54 Transportation Services Land Transport
51 Ophthalmology
45 Nurse Anesthetist, Certified Registered
44 Cardiovascular Disease
42 Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatric/Mental Health
41 Specialist
35 Hospitalist
31 Hematology & Oncology
30 Suppliers Pharmacy [Level II Classification]
30 Neurology
28 Otolaryngology
28 Agencies Public Health or Welfare
27 Dermatology
27 Pulmonary Disease
26 Urology
25 Physician Assistant, Surgical
24 Neurological Surgery
23 Audiologist
22 Gastroenterology
21 Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Pathology
21 Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
20 Clinical Psychologist
17 Transportation Services Ambulance
17 Orthopedic Physical Therapist
17 Ambulatory Health Care Facilities Ambulatory Surgical
17 Nephrology
16 Rheumatology
14 Psychologist
13 Podiatrist
13 Podiatrist, Foot & Ankle Surgery
12 Interventional Cardiology
12 General Practice
12 Thoracic Surgery (Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery)
12 Occupational Therapist
12 Student in an Organized Health Care Education/Training Program
12 Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism
11 Nurse Practitioner, Adult Health
11 Emergency Medical Services
11 Radiation Oncology
11 Vascular & Interventional Radiology
10 Dietitian, Registered
10 Hand Surgery
10 Social Worker
10 Infectious Disease
9 Nurse Practitioner, Women's Health
9 Laboratories Clinical Medical Laboratory
9 Vascular Surgery
8 Clinical Neuropsychologist
8 Dentist, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
8 Sports Medicine
8 Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
7 Geriatric Medicine
7 Obstetrics
7 Chiropractor, Orthopedic
6 Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology
6 Advanced Practice Midwife
6 Gynecology
6 Allergy & Immunology
5 Occupational Therapist, Hand
5 Sports Medicine
5 Orthopaedic Surgery of the Spine
4 Foot and Ankle Surgery
4 Speech-Language Pathologist
4 Pain Medicine
4 Adult Medicine
4 Chiropractor, Sports Physician
4 Sleep Medicine
3 Geriatric Medicine
3 Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine, Sports Medicine
3 Clinical Nurse Specialist, Psychiatric/Mental Health
3 Medical Oncology
3 Nurse Practitioner, Gerontology
3 Otolaryngology/Facial Plastic Surgery
3 Interventional Pain Medicine
3 MOHS-Micrographic Surgery
3 Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
3 Critical Care Medicine
3 Optometrist, Corneal and Contact Management
3 Pain Medicine
3 Chiropractor, Nutrition
3 Podiatrist, Foot Surgery
3 Gynecologic Oncology
3 Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine & OMM
2 Chiropractor, Neurology
2 Adult Reconstructive Orthopaedic Surgery
2 Surgical Oncology
2 Nurse Practitioner, Acute Care
2 Ambulatory Health Care Facilities Public Health, State or Local
2 Nurse Practitioner, Obstetrics & Gynecology
2 Mental Health Counselor
2 Emergency Medical Technician, Basic
2 Sleep Medicine
2 Transportation Services Air Transport
2 Midwife
2 Addiction (Substance Use Disorder) Counselor
2 Clinical Nurse Specialist, Psychiatric/Mental Health, Adult
2 Registered Nurse
2 Nurse Practitioner, Primary Care
2 Legal Medicine
1 Sonography, Radiologic Technologist
1 Emergency Medical Technician, Intermediate
1 Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic
1 Agencies Case Management
1 Podiatrist, Primary Podiatric Medicine
1 Pediatrics
1 Addiction Psychiatry
1 Registered Nurse, Community Health
1 Ambulatory Health Care Facilities Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
1 Neurology with Special Qualifications in Child Neurology
1 Plastic Surgery
1 Pediatric Surgery
1 Suppliers Long Term Care Pharmacy
1 Facial Plastic Surgery
1 Geriatrics Physical Therapist
1 Rehabilitation Psychologist
1 Ambulatory Health Care Facilities Radiology, Mammography
1 Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Radiologic Technologist
1 Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine
1 Sports Medicine
1 Radiologic Technologist
1 Ambulatory Health Care Facilities Multi-Specialty
1 Dermatopathology
1 Clinical Nurse Specialist, Adult Health
1 Chiropractor, Internist
1 Ambulatory Health Care Facilities Rehabilitation, Substance Use Disorder
1 Hospice and Palliative Medicine
1 Neuroradiology
1 Ambulatory Health Care Facilities Radiology
1 Plastic Surgery within the Head & Neck
1 Allergy
1 Clinical Nurse Specialist, Community Health/Public Health
1 Clinical Nurse Specialist
1 Pain Medicine
1 Therapeutic Radiology
1 Anatomic Pathology
1 Allergy & Immunology
1 Public Health & General Preventive Medicine
1 Sports Physical Therapist
1 Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychologist
1 Specialist/Technologist, Other
1 Orthopaedic Trauma
1 Rehabilitation Practitioner
1 Clinical Genetics (M.D.)
1 Clinical Nurse Specialist, Family Health
1 Dentist, General Practice
Clinical & Laboratory Immunology

Top Services (or Units)

These are the top 35 services (or units, i.e. drug infusions, ambulance miles) performed by providers in this state. Some services can be billed multiple times per patient on the same day and are not necessarily a count of visits.

Service Times Performed Medicare Payments
Ground mileage, per statute mile
Service Code: A0425
354,040 $2.29M
Established patient office or other outpatient ...
Service Code: 99213
309,199 $12.8M
Established patient office or other outpatient,...
Service Code: 99214
245,854 $15.8M
Therapeutic exercise to develop strength, endur...
Service Code: 97110
188,554 $3.98M
Manual (physical) therapy techniques to 1 or mo...
Service Code: 97140
120,238 $2.18M
Low osmolar contrast material, 300-399 mg/ml io...
Service Code: Q9967
114,066 $13.8K
Injection infliximab, 10 mg
Service Code: J1745
107,160 $6.32M
Chiropractic manipulative treatment, 3 to 4 spi...
Service Code: 98941
90,808 $2.49M
Injection, testosterone cypionate, 1mg
Service Code: J1071
88,502 $1,770
Destruction of 2-14 skin growths
Service Code: 17003
87,636 $325K
Subsequent hospital inpatient care, typically 2...
Service Code: 99232
71,086 $3.99M
Injection, tocilizumab, 1 mg
Service Code: J3262
62,040 $157K
Established patient office or other outpatient ...
Service Code: 99212
56,632 $1.51M
Insertion of needle into vein for collection of...
Service Code: 36415
56,622 $166K
Fixed wing air mileage, per statute mile
Service Code: A0435
49,992 $501K
Therapeutic activities to improve function, wit...
Service Code: 97530
48,967 $1.12M
Pathology examination of tissue using a microsc...
Service Code: 88305
48,373 $1.71M
Routine electrocardiogram (ekg) using at least ...
Service Code: 93010
44,784 $284K
Eye and medical examination for diagnosis and t...
Service Code: 92014
42,779 $3.09M
X-ray of chest, 2 views, front and side
Service Code: 71020
41,949 $360K
Injection, filgrastim (g-csf), 1 microgram
Service Code: J1442
41,520 $32K
X-ray of chest, 1 view, front
Service Code: 71010
37,725 $264K
Administration of influenza virus vaccine
Service Code: G0008
37,590 $759K
Subsequent hospital inpatient care, typically 3...
Service Code: 99233
36,943 $2.98M
Therapeutic procedure to re-educate brain-to-ne...
Service Code: 97112
36,393 $804K
Chiropractic manipulative treatment, 1-2 spinal...
Service Code: 98940
33,805 $639K
Injection, onabotulinumtoxina, 1 unit
Service Code: J0585
32,208 $137K
Blood test, clotting time
Service Code: 85610
30,531 $158K
Diagnostic imaging of retina
Service Code: 92134
30,001 $940K
Injection, denosumab, 1 mg
Service Code: J0897
29,763 $342K
Injection, triamcinolone acetonide, not otherw...
Service Code: J3301
28,452 $37.3K
New patient office or other outpatient visit, t...
Service Code: 99203
27,158 $1.79M
Destruction of skin growth
Service Code: 17000
23,501 $840K
Eye and medical examination for diagnosis and t...
Service Code: 92012
22,422 $1.29M
Screening mammography, producing direct digital...
Service Code: G0202
22,367 $1.07M

Sources: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, National Plan and Provider Enumeration System, American Medical Association

Services that begin with a letter come from CMS. All other codes and descriptions of the medical procedures are from the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code set, copyright 2015 American Medical Association. All rights reserved. Where practical, AMA’s consumer friendly translation of the CPT descriptor was used. ProPublica has received permission from the AMA to use these codes on this site.

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