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Top Providers of Service 82728 in New Mexico

Ferritin (blood protein) level

A provider may appear on this list twice if he or she performed this service in more than one setting (i.e. office and facility).

Provider Times this Service Performed Patients City
TRICORE REFERENCE LABORATORIES Clinical Laboratory 2,998 2,102 Albuquerque
METWEST INC Clinical Laboratory 434 379 Albuquerque
JAMES SKEE Internal Medicine 253 173 Silver City
JEFFREY NEIDHART Hematology/Oncology 177 95 Farmington
BAYA OMIDNIA Internal Medicine 106 65 Roswell
AMYN ALIDINA Hematology/Oncology 99 69 Albuquerque
EDGARD BADINE Internal Medicine 76 53 Roswell
AURELIO CASTRELLON Hematology/Oncology 69 37 Farmington
CLARK HASKINS Medical Oncology 66 38 Albuquerque
ANNETTE FONTAINE Hematology/Oncology 57 44 Albuquerque
DOUGLAS CLARK Hematology/Oncology 57 31 Albuquerque
MICHAEL MAGEE Medical Oncology 56 40 Germantown
ROBERT RADER Family Practice 39 33 Roswell
NATALIE MARSHALL Medical Oncology 38 29 Albuquerque
MOHMAD AJAZ BULBUL Hematology/Oncology 37 32 Carlsbad
RICHARD GIUDICE Medical Oncology 29 21 Albuquerque
ROSET SAMUEL Family Practice 27 23 Las Cruces
BARBARA MCANENY Medical Oncology 26 20 Albuquerque
JOSE AVITIA Medical Oncology 24 23 ALBUQUERQUE
BORIS NARAEV Internal Medicine 22 19 Albuquerque
BASSAM AL HOMSI Internal Medicine 21 19 Deming
CARYN MCHARNEY-BROWN Family Practice 21 16 Roswell
TAREQ BRAIK Hematology/Oncology 19 19 Roswell

Sources: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, National Plan and Provider Enumeration System, American Medical Association

Services that begin with a letter come from CMS. All other codes and descriptions of the medical procedures are from the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code set, copyright 2013 American Medical Association. All rights reserved. Where practical, AMA’s consumer friendly translation of the CPT descriptor was used. ProPublica has received permission from the AMA to use these codes on this site.