Top Providers of Service 93325 in South Dakota

Doppler ultrasound study of color-directed heart blood flow, rate, and valve function

A provider may appear on this list twice if he or she performed this service in more than one setting (i.e. office and facility).

Provider Times this Service Performed Patients City
TOMASZ STYS Cardiovascular Disease 85 72 SIOUX FALLS
ADAM STYS Cardiovascular Disease 78 72 SIOUX FALLS
K HEILMAN Cardiovascular Disease 77 70 RAPID CITY
MARIAN PETRASKO Cardiovascular Disease 71 69 SIOUX FALLS
SCOTT PHAM Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology 58 53 SIOUX FALLS
ORVAR JONSSON Cardiovascular Disease 55 50 SIOUX FALLS
RAJESH PRADHAN Internal Medicine 53 49 RAPID CITY
CHRISTOPHER STANTON Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology 51 35 SIOUX FALLS
AMAD ZINELDINE Cardiovascular Disease 48 48 RAPID CITY
PUNEET SHARMA Cardiovascular Disease 42 34 ABERDEEN
MICHAEL D'URSO Cardiovascular Disease 39 39 RAPID CITY
ALEXANDER SCHABAUER Cardiovascular Disease 37 35 RAPID CITY
RICHARD CLARK Cardiovascular Disease 29 29 SIOUX FALLS
LARRY SIDAWAY Cardiovascular Disease 23 22 ABERDEEN
LEWIS FERRIER Cardiovascular Disease 21 21 RAPID CITY
TIMOTHY IRWIN Cardiovascular Disease 20 19 YANKTON
KELLY STEFFEN Cardiovascular Disease 18 17 SIOUX FALLS
SUSHEEL GUNDEWAR Interventional Cardiology 15 15 ABERDEEN
GREGORY HIEB Anesthesiology 13 13 SIOUX FALLS
RICHARD HOWARD Cardiovascular Disease 13 13 WATERTOWN

Sources: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, National Plan and Provider Enumeration System, American Medical Association

Services that begin with a letter come from CMS. All other codes and descriptions of the medical procedures are from the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code set, copyright 2015 American Medical Association. All rights reserved. Where practical, AMA’s consumer friendly translation of the CPT descriptor was used. ProPublica has received permission from the AMA to use these codes on this site.

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