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Top Providers of Service 99223 in Guam

Initial hospital inpatient care, typically 70 minutes per day

A provider may appear on this list twice if he or she performed this service in more than one setting (i.e. office and facility).

Provider Times this Service Performed Patients City
SAIED SAFABAKHSH Nephrology 226 176 Tamuning
JOHN TAITANO Internal Medicine 144 105 Tamuning
RENGARAJU RAMASAMY Internal Medicine 128 124 Oka Tamuning
FARAZ OUHADI Internal Medicine 126 98 Tamuning
EDGAR MAGCALAS Internal Medicine 115 103 Tamuning
SAMUEL HARDEN General Surgery 108 100 Tamuning
RONALD KOBAYASHI General Surgery 87 84 Tamuning
SHERIF PHILIPS Internal Medicine 84 59 Tamuning
VINCENT DUENAS Internal Medicine 63 47 Tamuning
MICHAEL ROBINSON Family Practice 62 54 Tamuning
ROMEO SAMONTE Internal Medicine 60 41 Harmon
FLORENCIO LIZAMA Internal Medicine 53 37 Tamuning
MOHAMMAD MADANTSCHI Pulmonary Disease 52 51 tamuning
YOUNG CHANG Internal Medicine 51 37 Tamuning
JOHNNY LIM Internal Medicine 48 26 Tamuning
RICARDO EUSEBIO General Surgery 35 35 Tamuning
JAMES NOZAKI Family Practice 35 30 Tamuning
JULIE NAMM Family Practice 34 28 Tamuning
JOEL MARC RUBIO Internal Medicine 33 31 Tamuning
CHEN HUANG Medical Oncology 29 25 tamuning
BYUNGSOO KIM Internal Medicine 19 18 Tamuning
ANNAKUTTY MATHEW Infectious Disease 19 19 Tamuning
MICHAEL CRUZ General Surgery 18 18 Oka Tamuning
JAN BOLLINGER Orthopedic Surgery 17 17 Tamuning

Sources: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, National Plan and Provider Enumeration System, American Medical Association

Services that begin with a letter come from CMS. All other codes and descriptions of the medical procedures are from the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code set, copyright 2013 American Medical Association. All rights reserved. Where practical, AMA’s consumer friendly translation of the CPT descriptor was used. ProPublica has received permission from the AMA to use these codes on this site.