Maryland • MD-01 Congressional District

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Total # Projects: 27
Total # Contracts: 15
Total $ Projects: $42,186,498
Total $ Contracts: $33,559,574


Other Congressional Districts

Project $
MD-02 $22,102,372
MD-03 $8,635,781
MD-04 $27,055,398
MD-05 $33,337,638
MD-06 $56,593,473
MD-07 $21,100,984
MD-08 $13,940,733
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About This Data

Note: To build this database, ProPublica obtained two sets of records from the U.S. Department of Transportation. We cleaned it to remove duplicates and other discrepancies, but it may have mistakes we didn't catch. If you find one, please let us know and include any information that may help us verify the correction. Also, the federal data is based on the states’ monthly reporting and may not be up-to-date.

First, we received an updated copy of the national database of stimulus road and bridge projects as of Sept. 25. Separately, we obtained data that states filed to the federal government as part of the stimulus legislation's reporting requirements. These data list which contractors had been awarded particular projects. We were able to trace more than 90 percent of the funds to individual counties. In a few other cases, projects are statewide and cannot be narrowed to county or serve multiple counties. We’ve indicated those cases in the data.

Wherever possible, we matched DOT projects to state recovery filings. They did not match in every instance. The DOT projects, which total $19 billion, include hundreds of projects not yet associated with a contractor. The contractors' data totals about $13 billion in obligated funds. In a few cases, state contractors did not match a DOT project. Some projects also have multiple contractors. When there is no matching contractor information for a project, searches and lists will return a blank.

We're trying to make this information as accurate as possible, so if you see something that needs to be corrected, please let us know.


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All projects for MD-01. Not all projects have been awarded contracts.

Project Name Contractor County Improvement Type Amount
RESURFACING (Federal ID: 000A368) AMERICAN INFRASTRUCTURE-MD, INC. Anne Arundel Pavement Improvement $4,657,659
RESURFACING (Federal ID: 000A379) AMERICAN INFRASTRUCTURE-MD, INC. Cecil Pavement Improvement $2,299,728
RESURFACING (Federal ID: 000A380) DAVID A. BRAMBLE, INC. Kent Pavement Improvement $2,314,963
RESURFACING (Federal ID: 000A381) DAVID A. BRAMBLE, INC. Queen Anne's Pavement Improvement $2,309,460
RESURFACING (Federal ID: 000A382) DAVID A. BRAMBLE, INC. Talbot Pavement Improvement $2,288,732
RESURFACING (Federal ID: 000A395) GEORGE & LYNCH, INC. Dorchester Pavement Improvement $2,205,364
RESURFACING (Federal ID: 000A396) AMERICAN PAVING CORP Somerset Pavement Improvement $2,320,897
RESURFACING (Federal ID: 000A397) AMERICAN PAVING CORP Wicomico Pavement Improvement $2,291,662
RESURFACING (Federal ID: 000A398) AMERICAN PAVING CORP Worcester Pavement Improvement $2,328,142
RESURFACING (Federal ID: 000A420) DAVID A. BRAMBLE, INC. Caroline Pavement Improvement $2,308,339
RIDESHARING FACILITIES (Federal ID: 1266003) M. P. ZINK CONSTRUCTION, INC. Cecil Pavement Widening $457,455
RESURFACING (Federal ID: 1301141) AMERICAN PAVING CORP Dorchester Pavement Improvement $1,299,782
SAFETY & RESURFACING (Federal ID: 1301142) DAVID A. BRAMBLE, INC. Talbot Pavement Improvement $3,598,447
SAFETY & RESURFACING (Federal ID: 3001045) DAVID A. BRAMBLE, INC. Caroline Pavement Improvement $1,188,528
SAFETY AND RESURFACING (Federal ID: 3631001) AMERICAN INFRASTRUCTURE-MD, INC. Harford Pavement Improvement $1,690,416
VARIOUS LOCATIONS IN QUEEN ANNE'S COUNTY - GUARDRAIL REPLACE & INSTALLATION (Federal ID: 000A490) No Contractor Queen Anne's Safety/Traffic Management $330,000
SOMERSET CO: RESURFACING VARIOUS LOCATIONS (Federal ID: 000A500) No Contractor Somerset Pavement Improvement $642,000
VARIOUS ROADWAYS IN WORCESTER COUNTY - RESURFACING (Federal ID: 000A503) No Contractor Worcester Pavement Improvement $1,319,000
VARIOUS LOCATIONS IN CAROLINE COUNTY - INSTALL AND UPGRADE SIGNS (Federal ID: 000A507) No Contractor Caroline Safety/Traffic Management $202,670
VARIOUS LOCATIONS IN DORCHESTER COUNTY - PAVEMENT MARKINGS (Federal ID: 000A509) No Contractor Dorchester Safety/Traffic Management $82,500
WIDENING AND RESURFACING VARIOUS ROADS IN DORCHESTER COUNTY (Federal ID: 000A510) No Contractor Dorchester Pavement Widening $980,500
CECIL COUNTY: RESURFACING VARIOUS LOCATIONS (Federal ID: 000A511) No Contractor Cecil Pavement Improvement $1,540,000
VARIOUS LOCATIONS IN CAROLINE COUNTY - PAVEMENT MARKING (Federal ID: 000A512) No Contractor Caroline Safety/Traffic Management $342,330
VARIOUS LOCATIONS IN WICOMICO COUNTY - SAFETY AND RESURFACE (Federal ID: 000A523) No Contractor Wicomico Pavement Improvement $1,795,000
VARIOUS LOCATIONS IN CHESTERTOWN - MILL AND RESURFACE (Federal ID: 000A524) No Contractor Kent Pavement Improvement $540,000
TOWN OF DENTON - 5TH STREET FROM MARKET STREET TO 0.89 MILES SOUTH - STREET AND UTILITY RECONSTRUCTION (Federal ID: 1311003) No Contractor Caroline Pavement Widening $416,000
4 LINE DIVIDED HIGHWAY CONSTRUCT (Federal ID: 3001046) No Contractor Caroline Pavement Widening $2,000,000