Dept. of Agriculture FOIA Exemptions

Use Rate
Total claims

Dept. of Agriculture Annual Reports: '08 |
The Dept. of Agriculture used b(3) exemptions to withhold information from FOIA requesters 5,789 times in 2008-2009.


  • All
  • Agriculture
  • Conservation
  • Government Organization and Employees
  • Other
  • Public Contracts
Statute Description Claims
7 USC 8791(b) Information provided by an agricultural producer or owner of agricultural land in order to participate in a USDA program, and concerning agricultural operations, farming or conservation practices or the land itself 599.0
41 USC 253b(m) Proposals submitted by unsuccessful contract bidders 36.0
7 USC 2020(e)(8) Food stamp recipient information 19.0
16 USC 470hh(a) Archaeological survey data 19.0
7 USC 1502(c) Personal information provided by the producer 18.0
7 USC 2276 Respondents' identity and unaggregated survey data 10.0
FRCP 6(e) Grand Jury Information 8.0
7 USC 136i-1(b) The identity, and/or any information leading to the identity of users of restricted use pesticides / Location where restricted pesticides are applied 6.0
16 USC 470w-3 Information concerning the location, character or ownership of an historic resource. 6.0
5 USC 574(j) Dispute Resolution Communication 2.0
7 USC 5712(a)(2) Export sales 2.0
16 USC 4304 Specific location of significant caves. 2.0
7 USC 2018(c) Benefit redemption information of other retail stores 2.0
7 USC 499f(b) Names of individuals filing written notifications of alleged violations of the Perishable Agricultural Commodity Act 2.0
7 USC 8401 Information concerning select agents and toxins 2.0
7 USC 4504(k) Confidential financial information 1.0
7 USC 1373(c) Cropping history data 1.0
7 USC 4908(c) List of watermelon growers and handlers 1.0