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How Much Stimulus Funding is Going to Your County?

Department of Labor

Total Spending


No sub-agency specified $6,236,666
Office of the Solicitor $8,300
California $1,844,773
District of Columbia $4,414,467
Montana $1,800
Pennsylvania $2,562,022,168
Texas $14,843
Virginia $368,810,577

The following stimulus spending are items which were not designated for a specific sub-agency.

Amount refers to both the amount of stimulus funding going toward the project and the face value of the loan.

Recipient Amount Type Federal Dept./Agency Date
CHEROKEE NATION TECHNOLOGIES, L.L.C. $4,414,467 Contract Department of Labor 9/09/2011
: Option Year 1 award is for $4,414,467.38 with $1,867,629.00 being funded for a total of 14 FTEs. Contract is for providing staff and mission support to DOL divisions for: OFAM, OPDR, OWI, ORM, and Job Corps. Staff and services support ETA's mission i
EC AMERICA, INC. $569,599 Grant Department of Labor 12/21/2010
Employment Service/Wagner-Peyser Funded Activities: Software and Maintenance
EC AMERICA, INC. $569,599 Contract Department of Labor 12/21/2010
: Software and Maintenance
PBDEWBERRY $500,000 Contract Department of Labor 9/08/2010
: Provide design and construction management services relative to ARRA funded projects, including Scope of Work preparation, project budgeting and scheduling, cost estimating, A/E, GC procurement, contract negotiation, design review, construction monitoring
PARTNERS FOR COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS $150,000 Contract Department of Labor 9/01/2009
: With additional funding through ARRA, Partners expands its work as the Organizational Capacity Building YouthBuild Technical Assistance provider to more than 200 DOL-funded YouthBuild programs. Partners works closely with grantees ranging from tribal cou
MERRITT HOSPITALITY, LLC $17,158 Contract Department of Labor 6/30/2009
: Secure meeting space for Prevailing Wage Conference.
JOHN M CARROLL $4,984 Contract Department of Labor 9/08/2009
CAREER SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION $3,660 Contract Department of Labor 9/30/2009
: $1,328 will used to meet Green TAR Expectations in Construction Curriculum and $2,332 will be used to upgrade construction equipment to meet Green TAR demands.
WATSON JR, PAUL L $1,800 Contract Department of Labor 9/18/2009
: Review of Green Capacity Building SGA Applications
QUENEMOEN, KANE $1,800 Contract Department of Labor 11/09/2009
: Stipend for grant evaluation panel participation.
WATSON JR, PAUL L $1,800 Contract Department of Labor 11/24/2009
: Review of Recovery Act Grant Competitions Application Panel Member
WILLIAMS, P ANTHONY $1,800 Contract Department of Labor 11/24/2009
: Recovery Act Grant Competitions Panel Member Firm Fixed Price