Marshall & Ilsley

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Revenue to Gov't
Date Type Amount Program Description
07/05/2011 Dividend $11,909,722 CPP
Dividend - Cumulative
07/05/2011 Warrant $3,250,000 CPP
Warrant Proceeds
07/05/2011 Refund $1,715,000,000 CPP
On 7/5/2011, Treasury completed a transaction with Harris Financial Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank of Montreal ("BMO"), for the sale of (i) all Marshall & Ilsley Corporation ("M&I") Preferred Stock held by Treasury for a purchase price of $1,715,000,000 plus accrued dividends and (ii) the Treasury-held M&I Warrant for an amount equal to $3,250,000, pursuant to the terms of the agreement between Treasury and BMO entered into on 05/16/2011.
05/16/2011 Dividend $21,437,500 CPP
Dividend - Cumulative
02/15/2011 Dividend $21,437,500 CPP
Dividend - Cumulative
11/15/2010 Dividend $21,437,500 CPP
Dividend - Cumulative
08/16/2010 Dividend $21,437,500 CPP
Dividends payment
05/17/2010 Dividend $21,437,500 CPP
Dividends payment
02/16/2010 Dividend $21,437,500 CPP
Dividends payment
11/16/2009 Dividend $21,437,500 CPP
Dividends payment
08/17/2009 Dividend $21,437,500 CPP
Dividends Paid in Aug. 2009
05/31/2009 Dividend $43,113,194 CPP
Dividends Paid Through 5/31/2009
This amount reflects the sum of dividends paid up to 5/31/2009
11/14/2008 Purchase $1,715,000,000 CPP
Purchase - Preferred Stock w/ Warrants
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