Bank of New York Mellon

New York, N.Y. | See all recipients in New York
Revenue to Gov't

Bank of New York Mellon was among the eight large U.S. banks to receive the Treasury Department's initial round of capital investments -- money described by Treasury officials not as a bailout, but rather as funds to help bolster "healthy" banks in tough times.

Date Type Amount Program Description
08/05/2009 Warrant $136,000,000 CPP
Warrant Proceeds
06/17/2009 Dividend $36,250,000 CPP
Dividend Paid
06/09/2009 Refund $3,000,000,000 CPP
The Treasury announces 10 banks have been approved to pay back their TARP funds. The Bank of New York Mellon announces it is among them.
05/31/2009 Dividend $59,166,667 CPP
Dividends Paid Through 5/31/2009
This amount reflects the sum of dividends paid up to 5/31/2009
10/28/2008 Purchase $3,000,000,000 CPP
Purchase - Preferred Stock w/ Warrants
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