Northern Trust

Chicago, Ill. | See all recipients in Illinois
Revenue to Gov't
Date Type Amount Program Description
08/26/2009 Warrant $87,000,000 CPP
Warrant Proceeds
06/17/2009 Dividend $7,004,444 CPP
Dividend Paid
06/09/2009 Refund $1,576,000,000 CPP
The Treasury announces 10 banks have been approved to pay back their TARP funds. Northern Trust announces it is among them.
05/31/2009 Dividend $39,618,889 CPP
Dividends Paid Through 5/31/2009
This amount reflects the sum of dividends paid up to 5/31/2009
11/14/2008 Purchase $1,576,000,000 CPP
Purchase - Preferred Stock w/ Warrants
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