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University Financial Corp, Inc.

St. Paul , Minn. | See all recipients in Minnesota
$22.1M Disbursed
$22.1M Returned
$2.62M Revenue to Gov't
$2.62M Profit
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This institution qualified to participate in the Community Development Capital Initiative (CDCI), and has exchanged its Capital Purchase Program (CPP) investment for an equivalent amount of investment with Treasury under the CDCI program terms. We've listed the original CPP investment as a CDCI investment.


Date Type Amount Program Description
11/28/2012 Refund $22,115,000 CDCI Repayment
11/28/2012 Interest $24,757 CDCI Interest
11/14/2012 Interest $171,391 CDCI Interest
08/14/2012 Interest $171,391 CDCI Interest
05/14/2012 Interest $171,391 CDCI Interest
02/14/2012 Interest $171,391 CDCI Interest
11/14/2011 Interest $171,391 CDCI Interest
08/12/2011 Interest $171,391 CDCI Interest
05/13/2011 Interest $171,391 CDCI Interest
02/14/2011 Interest $171,391 CDCI Interest
11/12/2010 Interest $199,956 CDCI Interest
07/30/2010 Purchase $10,189,000 CDCI Subordinated Debentures
07/30/2010 Interest $191,313 CPP Dividends payment
05/17/2010 Interest $229,576 CPP Dividends payment
02/12/2010 Interest $229,576 CPP Interest Payment
11/13/2009 Interest $229,576 CPP Interest Payment
08/17/2009 Interest $142,847 CPP Interest Payment
06/19/2009 Purchase $11,926,000 CDCI Purchase - Subordinated Debentures

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