Cecil Bancorp

Elkton, Md. | See all recipients in Maryland
Revenue to Gov't
Net Outstanding

This investment resulted in a loss to taxpayers.

Date Type Amount Program Description
10/26/2017 Refund $880,000 CPP
Partial Repayment
Pursuant to the 10/11/2017 Confirmation Order of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Maryland, on 10/26/2017 Treasury completed the exchange of its Cecil Bancorp, Inc. (Cecil) preferred stock for common stock pursuant to an exchange agreement of the same date with Cecil. As part of that transaction, Treasury immediately (i) sold the resulting Cecil common stock to purchasers pursuant to securities purchase agreements, each dated as of 10/26/2017, with the purchaser parties thereto and (ii) cancelled Treasury’s warrant.
11/16/2009 Dividend $144,500 CPP
Dividends payment
08/17/2009 Dividend $144,500 CPP
Dividends Paid in Aug. 2009
05/31/2009 Dividend $227,989 CPP
Dividends Paid Through 5/31/2009
This amount reflects the sum of dividends paid up to 5/31/2009
12/23/2008 Purchase $11,560,000 CPP
Purchase - Preferred Stock w/ Warrants
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