Total # Contracts: 18
Total $ Contracts: $22,842,390
DUNS: 139790927 (what's a DUNS)
Address: PO Box 695, 14242 Terminal Ave, Ottumwa, Ia

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About This Data

Note: To build this database, ProPublica obtained two sets of records from the U.S. Department of Transportation. We cleaned it to remove duplicates and other discrepancies, but it may have mistakes we didn't catch. If you find one, please let us know and include any information that may help us verify the correction. Also, the federal data is based on the states’ monthly reporting and may not be up-to-date.

First, we received an updated copy of the national database of stimulus road and bridge projects as of Sept. 25. Separately, we obtained data that states filed to the federal government as part of the stimulus legislation's reporting requirements. These data list which contractors had been awarded particular projects. We were able to trace more than 90 percent of the funds to individual counties. In a few other cases, projects are statewide and cannot be narrowed to county or serve multiple counties. We’ve indicated those cases in the data.

Wherever possible, we matched DOT projects to state recovery filings. They did not match in every instance. The DOT projects, which total $19 billion, include hundreds of projects not yet associated with a contractor. The contractors' data totals about $13 billion in obligated funds. In a few cases, state contractors did not match a DOT project. Some projects also have multiple contractors. When there is no matching contractor information for a project, searches and lists will return a blank.

We're trying to make this information as accurate as possible, so if you see something that needs to be corrected, please let us know.


Running a background check

Start with the DUNS Number, a 9-digit number that serves as a unique identifier for the company. (If it's not listed above, then we weren't able to find it during our own research).

Has the company been suspended or disbarred?

The Excluded Parties List System is a database of companies that have been barred from working with the federal government. POGO's Federal Contractor Misconduct Database covers only the largest contractors, but has a more thorough listing of histories of misconduct.

What's the company's workplace record?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has a Web site where you can search for inspections and violations.

What's the company's environmental record?

The Environmental Protection Agency has a one-stop shop for pollution checks if you know the company's facility identifiers.

Did the company hire a lobbyist?

You can query the Lobbying Disclosure Act Database to see if the company hired a lobbyist for stimulus work. Put a check in the box for "client name" and type in the company's name to do the search.

What are the company's political connections?

Check a company's Web site or its corporate filings (many Secretary of State sites have them) to find a list of its executives and board of directors. Look up federal political donations on Look at state donations on

Project Name Improvement Type State County Amount
IA. 2 FROM W. JCT. US 63 E. TO E. JCT. US 63 (Federal ID: 0028035) Pavement Improvement IA Davis $3,412,074
FROM ELDON N. TO OLD US 34 (Federal ID: 0161017) Pavement Improvement IA Wapello $1,837,373
FROM ELDON E. TO SELMA (Federal ID: 0161018) Pavement Improvement IA Multiple/Statewide $1,454,798
US 63 FROM JUST S. OF 210TH ST. N. TO ECL OF NEW SHARON (Federal ID: 0633078) Pavement Improvement IA Mahaska $3,300,000
FROM JUST N. OF I-35 N. TO SCL OF OSCEOLA (Federal ID: 0691038) Pavement Improvement IA Multiple/Statewide $5,037,811
GODFREY LANE: E PLEASANT ST TO T15, PAVEMENT REHAB (Federal ID: 4040606) Pavement Improvement IA Marion $296,950
LAKE ROAD: MARY STREET TO CITY LIMITS, PAVEMENT REHAB (Federal ID: 5825637) Pavement Improvement IA Wapello $632,498
MADISON AVE: VINE STREET TO MARY STREET, PAVEMENT REHAB (Federal ID: 5825638) Pavement Improvement IA Wapello $390,447
MYSTIC RD T14: 27-69-18 TO 16-69-18, PAVEMENT REHAB (Federal ID: C004077) Pavement Improvement IA Appanoose $581,000
D15: D15/190TH ST. FROM SAC COUNTY LINE TO IA HWY 4, PAVEMENT REHAB (Federal ID: C013079) Pavement Improvement IA Calhoun $2,000,000
J14: I35 TO US 69, PAVEMENT REHAB (Federal ID: C027042) Pavement Improvement IA Decatur $368,000
J-20: SALEM TO HILLSBORO, PAVEMENT REHAB (Federal ID: C044064) Pavement Improvement IA Henry $1,138,000
475TH LANE: US HIGHWAY 34 NW 1.02 MI TO 150' WEST OF 6TH STREET, PAVEMENT REHAB/WIDEN (Federal ID: C059045) Pavement Improvement IA Lucas $399,000
G-71: HWY 5 TO BUSSEY, PAVEMENT REHAB (Federal ID: C063096) Pavement Improvement IA Marion $314,043
G-76: S-45 TO D/W LINE, PAVEMENT REHAB/WIDEN (Federal ID: C063097) Pavement Improvement IA Marion $311,651
H35: ALBIA WCL W 1.6 MI, PAVEMENT REHAB/WIDEN (Federal ID: C068063) Pavement Improvement IA Monroe $624,000
V-64: ST. HWY 16 NO. TO JEFFERSON CO. LINE, PAVEMENT REHAB (Federal ID: C089057) Pavement Improvement IA Van Buren $320,993
H21, J12, H31, V17: H21 BLACKHAWK NORTH, J12 65TH ST TO 110TH AVE, H31 100TH ST TO V37, V17 CL TO 30TH ST, PAVEMENT REHAB (Federal ID: C090060) Pavement Improvement IA Wapello $423,752