Indiana • Grant County

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Total # Projects: 14
Total # Contracts: 2
Total $ Projects: $7,293,764
Total $ Contracts: $1,730,117

Other Counties

Project $
Adams $326,688
Allen $20,811,985
Bartholomew $4,217,040
Benton $2,891,211
Blackford $1,160,391
Boone $1,764,157
Brown $1,880,253
Carroll $3,308,319
Cass $3,649,103
Clark $2,602,493
Clay $1,306,927
Clinton $3,189,440
Crawford $1,605,682
Daviess $5,716,607
Dearborn $3,598,410
Decatur $695,500
DeKalb $7,394,919
Delaware $3,532,028
Dubois $4,198,792
Elkhart $23,255,018
Fayette $118,000
Floyd $4,728,232
Fountain $5,692,083
Franklin $0
Fulton $3,537,873
Gibson $2,959,970
Greene $1,797,865
Hamilton $2,571,546
Hancock $2,206,099
Harrison $1,343,701
Hendricks $6,123,650
Henry $2,302,665
Howard $13,109,854
Huntington $7,940,848
Jackson $5,077,612
Jasper $6,598,783
Jay $1,455,492
Jefferson $4,003,104
Jennings $889,233
Johnson $2,664,666
Knox $3,184,429
Kosciusko $3,816,752
LaGrange $0
Lake $15,383,986
LaPorte $3,821,569
Lawrence $3,404,548
Madison $4,131,713
Marion $31,925,175
Marshall $3,454,899
Martin $0
Miami $1,550,677
Monroe $3,994,166
Montgomery $4,974,206
Morgan $9,351,076
Newton $1,973,246
Noble $1,939,689
Ohio $7,339,270
Orange $261,166
Owen $1,094,028
Parke $1,778,883
Perry $1,447,020
Pike $1,297,838
Porter $5,698,072
Posey $3,790,759
Pulaski $1,525,647
Putnam $1,667,009
Randolph $867,750
Ripley $714,059
Rush $1,960,850
St. Joseph $15,335,289
Scott $1,440,655
Shelby $3,062,331
Spencer $3,805,967
Starke $5,971,589
Steuben $10,052,126
Sullivan $1,701,659
Switzerland $2,814,000
Tippecanoe $41,281,528
Tipton $584,260
Union $10,365,988
Vanderburgh $858,870
Vermillion $1,567,901
Vigo $3,118,725
Wabash $1,223,990
Warren $3,679,476
Warrick $2,828,293
Washington $1,514,711
Wayne $6,659,890
Wells $593,373
White $1,281,707
Whitley $384,011
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About This Data

Note: To build this database, ProPublica obtained two sets of records from the U.S. Department of Transportation. We cleaned it to remove duplicates and other discrepancies, but it may have mistakes we didn't catch. If you find one, please let us know and include any information that may help us verify the correction. Also, the federal data is based on the states’ monthly reporting and may not be up-to-date.

First, we received an updated copy of the national database of stimulus road and bridge projects as of Sept. 25. Separately, we obtained data that states filed to the federal government as part of the stimulus legislation's reporting requirements. These data list which contractors had been awarded particular projects. We were able to trace more than 90 percent of the funds to individual counties. In a few other cases, projects are statewide and cannot be narrowed to county or serve multiple counties. We’ve indicated those cases in the data.

Wherever possible, we matched DOT projects to state recovery filings. They did not match in every instance. The DOT projects, which total $19 billion, include hundreds of projects not yet associated with a contractor. The contractors' data totals about $13 billion in obligated funds. In a few cases, state contractors did not match a DOT project. Some projects also have multiple contractors. When there is no matching contractor information for a project, searches and lists will return a blank.

We're trying to make this information as accurate as possible, so if you see something that needs to be corrected, please let us know.


Here are our tips for running background checks on stimulus contractors.

All projects for Grant. Not all projects have been awarded contracts.

Project Name Contractor County Improvement Type Amount
ON US 35 FROM 1.65 MILES E OF SR 15 (10TH ST) TO 0.24 MILES E OF I-69 AND ON SR 22 (Federal ID: 0800260) E & B PAVING INC Grant Pavement Improvement $743,435
SR-26 - FROM 4.29 TO 4.47 MILES EAST OF I-69 AT CR 750 SOUTH. (Federal ID: 3227023) CALUMET CIVIL CONTRACTORS INC Grant Pavement Improvement $986,682
SR 26- FROM SR 13 TO I-69 (Federal ID: 0710933) No Contractor Grant Pavement Improvement $1,238,169
38TH STREET, HMA OVERLAY, FROM 460' E OF ADAMS STREET/SR 15 TO S TODD STREET, GRANT COUNTY, SR-32368 (Federal ID: 0901065) No Contractor Grant Pavement Improvement $809,904
ADAMS STREET, HMA OVERLAY, FROM 29TH STREET TO 26TH STREET, GRANT COUNTY, SR-32368 (Federal ID: 0901066) No Contractor Grant Pavement Improvement $73,795
NEBRASKA STREET, HMA OVERLAY, FROM 26TH STREET TO 23RD STREET, STEUBEN COUNTY, SR-32368 (Federal ID: 0901067) No Contractor Grant Pavement Improvement $559,108
WASHINGTON STREET, HMA OVERLAY, FROM 38TH STREET TO WABASH AVENUE, GRANT COUNTY, SR-32368 (Federal ID: 0901069) No Contractor Grant Pavement Improvement $1,221,023
ST 1001- KEM ROAD FROM MILLER AVENUE TO WABASH AVENUE (Federal ID: 0901070) No Contractor Grant Pavement Improvement $234,905
IR 1001 - GARTHWAITE ROAD FROM 1.12 MI S OF CR 200 (Federal ID: 0901086) No Contractor Grant Pavement Improvement $119,254
IR 1001 - CR 300 S FROM CR 300 W TO SR 37 (Federal ID: 0901087) No Contractor Grant Pavement Improvement $220,633
IR 1001 - CR 600 E FROM 580 FEET NORTH N OF SR 18 (Federal ID: 0901088) No Contractor Grant Pavement Improvement $529,748
IR 1001 - CR 200 N FROM CR 300 E TO CR 600 E (Federal ID: 0901089) No Contractor Grant Pavement Improvement $245,095
IR 1001 - CR 400 E FROM WALNUT CREEK TO CR 200 S (Federal ID: 0901090) No Contractor Grant Pavement Improvement $81,785
IR 1001 - CR 950 EAST FROM MATTHEW'S ( TOWN LIMITS (Federal ID: 0901091) No Contractor Grant Pavement Improvement $230,228