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Listed Specialty: Dentist, General Practice
2000 N GAINES DR, CLINTON, MO, 64735-1132
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Each box below represents a single day during the disclosure period. A gray box indicates no payments. The darker the color, the more payments a doctor received that day.

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Category Payments Payment Value
Food and Beverage
2 $39

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Totals listed below account for all payments from that mention this product. Beginning in 2016, the government began classifying products as drugs, devices, biologics or medical supplies. Below, you will see drugs (drugs and biologics) and devices (devices and medical supplies). If a payment record mentions more than one product, the entire value will be included in each of those products. When no products are listed, they are not included in the list below.

This physician does not have any payments relating to a specific drug or device for this year.

Product Name Product Type Payments


† May not add up to dollar total at top of page, since a payment record may not be associated with any product or can be associated with several products.

Payment Details in

When How Much Related To What For From Third Party Payee
Jul 14, 2016 $27

TRIOS Food and Beverage HENRY SCHEIN, INC.
Mar 30, 2016 $12

No Listed Product Food and Beverage HENRY SCHEIN, INC.
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Note: We have made some effort to normalize the data and eliminate duplicates, but data is primarily as it has been reported by the companies to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. To purchase the normalized data, please visit the ProPublica Data Store. If you spot an error, please let us know at [email protected].