This database was last updated in December 2019 and should only be used as a historical snapshot. The data is current as of March 2019. More recent Physical Inspection Scores are available from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.


Public housing | Housing Authority of the City of Alexander City | 1016A I St, Alexander City, Alabama

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Household demographics

Recent Inspection Results

According to data published by, the most recent inspection for LAUREL/JEFFERSON was August 10, 2015, in which it received a passing score.

This score was 4.4 points better than the average for Alabama (85.6).

Inspection Score

Inspection History

LAUREL/JEFFERSON has had at least 1 physical inspection between 2013 and March 2019.

90 August 10, 2015

In a small percentage of cases, a HUD inspection may have taken place between the published reports and is not shown here. That is why we use a dotted line.

This Property's 88 Associated Addresses

  • 620A Adams Ct
  • 636 Adams Ct
  • 647D Adams Ct
  • 665D Adams Ct
  • 672A Adams Ct
  • 680 Adams Ct
  • 624A Booker St
  • 625A Booker St
  • 655A Booker St
  • 658A Booker St
  • 701A Booker St
  • 704A Booker St
  • 711A Booker St
  • 723A Booker St
  • 724A Booker St
  • 737A Booker St
  • 748A Booker St
  • 778A Booker St
  • 721A Boyd St
  • 732A Boyd St
  • 745A Boyd St
  • 756 Boyd St
  • 711A Gunn Ct
  • 716B Gunn Ct
  • 735A Gunn Ct
  • 738B Gunn Ct
  • 750B Gunn Ct
  • 751 Gunn Ct
  • 1016A I St
  • 1452A I St
  • 1526A I St
  • 1031A J St
  • 1167A J St
  • 1185A J St
  • 1219A J St
  • 1229A J St
  • 1249B J St
  • 1315B J St
  • 1324A J St
  • 1329A J St
  • 1336A J St
  • 1348B J St
  • 1354B J St
  • 1355A J St
  • 1368A J St
  • 1511A J St
  • 1516A J St
  • 1531A J St
  • 1538A J St
  • 1551A J St
  • 1560A J St
  • 1569A J St
  • 1584A J St
  • 1591A J St
  • 1594A J St
  • 1597A J St
  • 1598 J St Apt A
  • 1315A K St
  • 1441A K St
  • 1519D K St
  • 1541D K St
  • 1561D K St
  • 1589A K St
  • 1603A K St
  • 1627A K St
  • 714A Mallory Cir
  • 736A Mallory Cir
  • 752A Mallory Cir
  • 769 Mallory Cir
  • 778A Mallory Cir
  • 812A Mallory Cir
  • 817A Mallory Cir
  • 826 Mallory Cir
  • 840A Mallory Cir
  • 847A Mallory Cir
  • 856A Mallory Cir
  • 874A Mallory Cir
  • 877A Mallory Cir
  • 883A Mallory Cir
  • 888A Mallory Cir
  • 889A Mallory Cir
  • 894A Mallory Cir
  • 895A Mallory Cir
  • 627A N St
  • 641 N St
  • 614 O St
  • 634A O St
  • 654 O St

Source: U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Note: This database contains all inspection reports made available to the public by HUD from 2013 to March 2019. If a property is inspected multiple times within a short time period, it is possible that HUD has not publicly released all of those inspection scores. Data for multifamily complexes only includes facilities with an active HUD contract. This demographic data comes from HUD’s website, but it was submitted by local housing authorities and property owners, and may not reflect the most current demographic makeup.

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