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This database was last updated in October 2018, and its latest data is from the 2015-16 school year. Researchers can find more recent data at the U.S. Department of Education’s Civil Rights Data Collection site.

Miseducation » Illinois

Chicago Public School District 299

42 W Madison St, Chicago, IL 60602

392K Students | 24.3K Teachers | 579 Schools

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Academy for Global Citizenship
Ace Technical Charter High School
Addams Elem School
Agassiz Elem School
Air Force Acad High School
Albany Park Multicultural Elem
Alcott Elem School
Alcott Humanities High School
Aldridge Elem School
Amandla Charter School
Amundsen High School
Ariel Elem Community Academy
Armour Elem School
Armstrong G Elem IntL Studies
Ashburn Community Elem School
Ashe Elem School
Asian Human Srvcs-Passage Chrtr
Aspira Charter Schools
Audubon Elem School
Austin Bus & Entrepreneurship HS
Austin Polytechnical Academy HS
Avalon Park Elem School
Azuela Elem School
Back of The Yards IB HS
Banner West Academy HS
Barnard Elem Comp Math & Sci Ctr
Barry Elem School
Barton Elem School
Bass Elem School
Bateman Elem School
Beard Elem School
Beasley Elem Magnet Academic Ctr
Beaubien Elem School
Beethoven Elem School
Beidler Elem School
Belding Elem School
Bell Elem School
Belmont-Cragin Elem School
Bennett Elem School
Black Magnet Elem School
Blaine Elem School
Blair Early Childhood Center
Bogan High School
Bond Elem School
Boone Elem School
Bouchet Elem Math & Science Acad
Bowen High School
Bradwell Comm Arts & Sci Elem Sch
Brennemann Elem School
Brentano Elem Math & Science Acad
Bridge Elem School
Bright Elem School
Brighton Park Elem School
Bronzeville Lighthouse Elem Chrtr
Bronzeville Scholastic HS
Brooks College Prep Academy HS
Brownell Elem School
Brown R Elem Community Acad
Brown W Elem School
Brunson Math & Sci Specialty Elem
Budlong Elem School
Burbank Elem School
Burke Elem School
Burley Elem School
Burnham Elem Inclusive Academy
Burnside Elem Scholastic Academy
Burr Elem School
Burroughs Elem School
Byrne Elem School
Caldwell Elem Acad of Math & Sci
Calmeca Acad Elem School
Camelot Safe Academy School
Camelot Safe Acad - Garfield Park
Cameron Elem School
Camras Elem School
Canty Elem School
Cardenas Elem School
Carnegie Elem School
Carroll Elem School
Carson Elem School
Carter Elem School
Carver Military Academy HS
Carver Primary School
Casals Elem School
Cassell Elem School
Castellanos Elem School
Catalyst Charter-Circle Rock ES
Catalyst Charter - Maria ES
Cather Elem School
Chalmers Elem Specialty School
Chappell Elem School
Chase Elem School
Chavez Elem Multicultural Acad Ct
Chicago Academy Elem School
Chicago Academy High School
Chicago Collegiate Charter School
Chicago Excel Academy HS
Chicago HS for Agricult Sciences
Chicago HS for the Arts
Chicago International Charter
Chicago Math & Sci Elem Charter
Chicago Military Academy HS
Chicago Technology Academy HS
Chicago Virtual Charter School
Chicago Vocational Career Acad HS
Chopin Elem School
Christopher Elem School
Christopher House Chrt ES
Claremont Academy Elem School
Clark Acad Prep Magnet High Schl
Clark G R Elem School
Clay Elem School
Clemente Community Academy HS
Cleveland Elem School
Clinton Elem School
Clissold Elem School
Colemon J Elem Academy
Coles Elem Language Academy
Collins Academy High School
Columbia Explorers Elem Academy
Columbus Elem School
Cook Elem School
Coonley Elem School
Cooper Elem Dual Language Academy
Corkery Elem School
Corliss High School
Courtenay Elem Language Arts Ctr
Crane Medical Prep HS
Crown Elem Comm Acd Fine Arts Ctr
Cuffe Math-Sci Tech Elem Academy
Cullen Elem School
Curie Metropolitan High School
Curtis Elem School
Daley Elem Academy
Darwin Elem School
Davis M Magnet Elem School
Davis N Elem School
Dawes Elem School
Decatur Classical Elem School
De Diego Elem Community Academy
Deneen Elem School
Depriest Elem School
Dett Elem School
Dever Elem School
Devry Advantage Academy High Schl
Dewey Elem Academy of Fine Arts
Dirksen Elem School
Disney Elem Magnet School
Disney II Elem School
Disney II Magnet HS
Dixon Elem School
Dodge Elem School
Doolittle Elem School
Dore Elem School
Douglass Academy High School
Drake Elem School
Drummond Elem School
Dubois Elem School
Dulles Elem School
Dunbar Vocational Career Acad HS
Dunne Technology Acad Elem Sch
Durkin Park Elem School
Dvorak Technology Acad Elem Sch
Earhart Elem Opt for Knowl School
Earle Elem School
Eberhart Elem School
Ebinger Elem School
Edgebrook Elem School
Edison Elem Regional Gifted Cntr
Edison Park Elem School
Edwards Elem School
Ellington Elem School
EPIC Academy High School
Ericson Elem Scholastic Academy
Erie Elem Charter School
Esmond Elem School
Everett Elem School
Evergreen Academy Elem School
Evers Elem School
Excel Academy - Englewood HS
Excel Academy - Southwest HS
Excel Academy - Woodlawn HS
Fairfield Elem Academy
Falconer Elem School
Faraday Elem School
Farnsworth Elem School
Farragut Career Academy HS
Fenger Academy High School
Fernwood Elem School
Field Elem School
Finkl Elem School
Fiske Elem School
Foreman High School
Fort Dearborn Elem School
Foster Park Elem School
Foundations College Prep Charter
Franklin Elem Fine Arts Center
Frazier Perspectives Magnet ES
Frazier Prep Acad Charter ES
Fuller Elem School
Fulton Elem School
Funston Elem School
Gage Park High School
Gale Elem Community Academy
Galileo Elem Math & Sci Schol Acd
Gallistel Elem Language Academy
Garcia Lorca Elem School
Garvey M Elem School
Garvy J Elem School
Gary Elem School
Gillespie Elem School
Goethe Elem School
Goode STEM Academy HS
Goudy Technology Academy
Graham A Elem School
Graham R Training Center
Gray Elem School
Great Lakes Academy Charter ES
Greeley Elem School
Greene N Elem School
Green W Elem School
Gregory Math & Sci Elem Academy
Gresham Elem School
Grimes Elem School
Grissom Elem School
Gunsaulus Elem Scholastic Academy
Haines Elem School
Hale Elem School
Haley Elem Academy
Hamilton Elem School
Hamline Elem School
Hammond Elem School
Hampton Elem Fine & Perf Arts Sch
Hancock College Preparatory HS
Hanson Park Elem School
Harlan Community Academy HS
Harper High School
Harte Elem School
Harvard Elem School
Haugan Elem School
Hawthorne Elem Scholastic Academy
Hay Elem Community Academy
Hayt Elem School
Healy Elem School
Hearst Elem School
Hedges Elem School
Hefferan Elem School
Henderson Elem School
Hendricks Elem Community Academy
Henry Elem School
Hernandez Middle School
Herzl Elem School
Hibbard Elem School
Higgins Elem Community Academy
Hirsch Metropolitan High School
Hitch Elem School
Holden Elem School
Holmes Elem School
Hope College Prep High School
Hope Inst Lrning Acad Elem School
Horizon Sci Acad - Southwest Chtr
Howe Elem School
Hoyne Elem School
Hubbard High School
Hughes C Elem School
Hughes L Elem School
Hurley Elem School
Hyde Park Academy High School
IHSCA Charter High School
IJLA Charter High School
Infinity Math Science & Tech HS
Inter-American Elem Magnet School
Intrinsic Charter High School
Irving Elem School
Jackson A Elem Language Acad
Jackson M Elem School
Jahn Elem School
Jamieson Elem School
Jefferson Alt High School
Jenner Elem Academy of the Arts
Jensen Elem Scholastic Academy
Johnson Elem School
Jones College Prep High School
Joplin Elem School
Jordan Elem Community School
Juarez Community Academy HS
Julian High School
Jungman Elem School
Kanoon Elem Magnet School
Keller Elem Gifted Magnet School
Kellman Corporate Community Elem
Kellogg Elem School
Kelly High School
Kelvyn Park High School
Kennedy High School
Kenwood Academy High School
Kershaw Elem School
Kilmer Elem School
King Academy Of Social Justice
King College Prep High School
Kinzie Elem School
Kipling Elem School
KIPP Chicago Charter Schools
Kozminski Elem Community Academy
Lake View High School
Lane Technical High School
Langford A Elem School
Lara Elem Academy
LaSalle Elem Language Academy
LaSalle II Lang Acad Elem Sch
Lavizzo Elem School
Lawndale Elem Community Academy
LEARN Charter Schools
Lee Elem School
Legacy Elem Charter School
Legal Prep Academy Charter HS
Leland Elem School
Lenart Elem Regional Gifted Ctr
Lewis Elem School
Libby Elem School
Lincoln Elem School
Lincoln Park High School
Lindblom Math & Science Acad HS
Linne Elem School
Little Black Pearl Arts Acad HS
Little Village Elem School
Lloyd Elem School
Locke A Elem Charter Academy
Locke J Elem School
Logandale Middle School
Lovett Elem School
Lowell Elem School
Lozano Elem Bilingual & Intl Ctr
Lyon Elem School
Madero Middle School
Madison Elem School
Magic Johnson Academy HS
Manierre Elem School
Manley Career Academy High School
Mann Elem School
Marine Leadership Academy - Ames
Marquette Elem School
Marshall Metropolitan High School
Marshall Middle School
Marsh Elem School
Mason Elem School
Mather High School
Mayer Elem School
Mays Elem Academy
McAuliffe Elem School
McClellan Elem School
McCormick Elem School
McCutcheon Elem School
McDade Elem Classical School
McDowell Elem School
McKay Elem School
McNair Elem School
McPherson Elem School
Melody Elem School
Metcalfe Elem Community Academy
Mireles Elem Academy
Mitchell Elem School
Mollison Elem School
Monroe Elem School
Montessori of Englewood Chtr ES
Moos Elem School
Morgan Park High School
Morrill Elem Math & Sci School
Morton Elem Career Academy
Mount Greenwood Elem School
Mount Vernon Elem School
Moving Everest Charter School
Mozart Elem School
Multicultural Acad Scholarshp HS
Murphy Elem School
Murray Elem Language Academy
Namaste Elem Charter School
Nash Elem School
National Teachers Elem Academy
Neil Elem School
Nettelhorst Elem School
Newberry Elem Math & Science Acad
New Field Elem School
Nicholson Tech Acad Elem Sch
Nightingale Elem School
Ninos Heroes Elem Academic Ctr
Nixon Elem School
Nkrumah Academy Charter ES
Nobel Elem School
Noble Street Charter Schools
North-Grand High School
North Lawndale Charter HS
North River Elem School
Northside College Preparatory Hs
Northside Learning Center
Northwest Middle School
Norwood Park Elem School
Ogden Elem School
Ogden Int High School
Oglesby Elem School
OKeeffe Elem School
Ombudsman Chicago HS
Onahan Elem School
Oriole Park Elem School
Orozco Elem Fine Arts & Sciences
Orr Academy High School
Ortiz De Dominguez Elem School
Otis Elem School
OToole Elem School
Owen Elem Scholastic Academy
Owens Community Academy ES
Palmer Elem School
Parker Elem Community Academy
Park Manor Elem School
Parkside Elem Community Academy
Pasteur Elem School
Pathways in Education HS
Payton College Preparatory HS
Peace and Education Coalition HS
Peck Elem School
Peirce Elem Intl Studies School
Penn Elem School
Perez Elem School
Pershing Elem Humanities Magnet
Perspectives Charter High School
Peterson Elem School
Phillips Academy High School
Phoenix Military Academy HS
Piccolo Elem Specialty School
Pickard Elem School
Pilsen Elem Community Academy
Pirie Elem Fine Arts & Academic C
Plamondon Elem School
Plato Learning Acad Elem School
Poe Elem Classical School
Polaris Elem Charter Academy
Portage Park Elem School
Powell Elem Paideia Comm Academy
Prescott Elem School
Prieto Math-Science Elem Sch
Pritzker Elem School
Prosser Career Academy HS
Providence-Englewood Elem Charter
Prussing Elem School
Pulaski Intl Sch of Chicago
Pullman Elem School
Raby High School
Randolph Elem School
Ravenswood Elem School
Ray Elem School
Reavis Elem Math & Sci Spec Schl
Reilly Elem School
Reinberg Elem School
Revere Elem School
Richards Career Academy HS
Rickover Naval Academy High Schl
Robeson High School
Robinson Elem School
Rogers Elem School
Roosevelt High School
Rowe Elementary
Rudolph Elem Learning Center
Ruggles Elem School
Ruiz Elem School
Ryder Elem Math & Sci Spec School
Sabin Elem Magnet School
Salazar Elem Bilingual Center
Sandoval Elem School
Saucedo Elem Scholastic Academy
Sauganash Elem School
Sawyer Elem School
Sayre Elem Language Academy
Scammon Elem School
Schmid Elem School
School of Social Justice HS
Schubert Elem School
Schurz High School
Senn High School
Seward Elem Communication Arts Ac
Shabazz International Chrtr Schls
Sheridan Elem Math & Science Acad
Sherman Elem School
Sherwood Elem School
Shields Elem School
Shields Middle School
Shoesmith Elem School
Shoop Math-Sci Tech Elem Academy
Simeon Career Academy High School
Simpson Acad HS for Young Women
Skinner Elem School
Skinner North Elem Sch
Smith W Elem School
Smyser Elem School
Smyth J Elem School
Solomon Elem School
Solorio Academy High School
South Loop Elem School
South Shore Fine Arts Elem Sch
South Shore Intl Col Prep HS
Southside Occupational Acad HS
Spencer Technology Acad Elem Sch
Spry Community Links High School
Spry Elem Community School
Stagg Elem School
Steinmetz College Prep HS
STEM Magnet Academy Elem
Stevenson Elem School
Stock Early Childhood Center
Stone Elem Scholastic Academy
Stowe Elem School
Suder Montessori Elem Magnet Schl
Sullivan Elem School
Sullivan High School
Sumner Elem Math & Sci Comm Acad
Sutherland Elem School
Swift Elem Specialty School
Taft High School
Talcott Elem School
Talman Elem School
Tanner Elem School
Tarkington Elem School
Taylor Elem School
Team Englewood Comm Acad HS
Telpochcalli Elem School
Thomas Early Childhood Center
Thorp J N Elem School
Thorp O A Elem Scholastic Acad
Tilden Career Communty Academy HS
Till Elem Math & Science Academy
Tilton Elem School
Tonti Elem School
Turner-Drew Elem Language Academy
Twain Elem School
Univ of Chicago Charter Schools
Uno Academy Charter Schools
Uplift Community High School
Urban Prep Chtr Acad Englewood HS
Urban Prep Chtr Bronzeville HS
Urban Prep Chtr West Campus HS
Vanderpoel Elem Magnet School
Vaughn Occupational High School
Vick Early Childhood & Family Ctr
Voise Academy High School
Volta Elem School
Von Steuben Metro Science HS
Wacker Elem School
Wadsworth Elem School
Walsh Elem School
Ward J Elem School
Ward L Elem School
Warren Elem School
Washington G Elem School
Washington G High School
Washington H Elem School
Waters Elem School
Webster Elem School
Wells Community Academy HS
Wells Preparatory Elem Academy
Wentworth Elem School
Westcott Elem School
Westinghouse High School
West Park Elem Academy
West Ridge Elem School
Whistler Elem School
White Elem Career Academy
Whitney Elem School
Whittier Elem School
Wildwood Elem School
Williams Medical Prep High Sch
Woodlawn Elem Community School
Woodson South Elem School
World Language High School
Yates Elem School
York Alternative High School
Young Elem School
Young Magnet High School
Young Womens Leadership Chartr HS
Youth Connections Charter HS
Zapata Elem Academy
District Composition
The Racial Divide

ProPublica has found that in school districts across the country, Black and Hispanic students are, on average, less likely to be selected for gifted programs and take AP courses than their white peers. They are also more likely, on average, to be suspended and expelled. Another measure of disparities is how segregated schools are in a district. Explore if disparities exist at this school across all racial groups. The first scores shown below are for racial groups with the highest disparities.



White students are 2.3 times as likely to be enrolled in at least one AP class as Black students.

White students are 1.7 times as likely to be enrolled in at least one AP class as Hispanic students.

Asian, Pacific Islander or Native Hawaiian students are 1.2 times as likely to be enrolled in at least one AP class as White students.

A comparison between students of Two or More Races and White students enrolled at least one AP class is not available.

A comparison between Native American or Alaska Native students and White students enrolled at least one AP class is not available.



Black students are 4.3 times as likely to be suspended as White students.

Hispanic students are 1.5 times as likely to be suspended as White students.

White students are 1.9 times as likely to be suspended as Asian, Pacific Islander or Native Hawaiian students.

students of Two or More Races are 2.2 times as likely to be suspended as White students.

Native American or Alaska Native students are 2.8 times as likely to be suspended as White students.

Segregation Index


Segregation between Black students students and White students is High, indicating that the distribution of these two racial groups among schools in this district is very uneven

Segregation between White students and Hispanic students is High, indicating that the distribution of these two racial groups among schools in this district isvery uneven

Achievement Gap

3 grades

Black students are, on average, academically 3 grades behind White students.

Hispanic students are, on average, academically 2.4 grades behind White students.

Show All Groups

Hide All Groups


School districts offer a variety of curricula and enrichment programs. Explore what advanced courses and specialized staff members are available for students in this district.

AP Course Composition

Gifted & Talented Composition

This District



90% Nonwhite Students

84% Students Who Get Free/Reduced-Price Lunch

74% High School Graduation Rate

22% High School Students Taking at Least One AP Course

23.6K students

2% Students in a Gifted & Talented Program

6,400 students

24% Students Taking the SAT or ACT

27.6K students

21% Students Enrolled in Physics

22.9K students

39% Students Enrolled in Advanced Math

39K students

29% Students Enrolled in in Geometry

31.3K students

38% Students Enrolled in Biology

41.5K students

28% Students Enrolled in Chemistry

30.8K students

3% Students Enrolled in Calculus

3,562 students

2% Students Enrolled in 8th-Grade Algebra

7,116 students

Teachers & Resources

16.1 Students for Every Teacher

14% Inexperienced Teachers

25% Chronically Absent Teachers

(Missed more than 10 days in a 180-day school year)

7.6 Average Number of AP Courses per School

2.8 Social Workers, Psychologists & Counselors per 1000 students

126 Schools With Credit Recovery Programs

85 Schools With Dual Enrollment Programs

28 Schools With Gifted & Talented Programs

23 Schools With International Baccalaureates

This District



School districts differ in how they discipline students. Explore how often this district punishes its students with suspensions, expulsions and corporal punishment.

Out-of-School Suspension Composition

Expulsion Composition

This District



16.7K Total Out-of-School Suspended Students

4% of all students in this district

16.5K Total In-School Suspended Students

4% of all students in this district

368 Total Expelled Students

< 1% of all students in this district

Outcomes & Resources

94 Average Days Missed to Out-of-School Suspension, per School

2.1Average Number of Days of an Out-of-School Suspension

1030 Total Arrests

1 Average Arrests, per School

3041 Total Referrals to Law Enforcement

5 Average Referrals to Law Enforcement, per School

0 Average Transfers to Alternative Schools, per School

4.5 Security Guards or Law Enforcement Officers per 1000 students

This District


Civil Rights Coordinators

Districts are required to designate specific employees to ensure schools are in compliance with federal civil rights laws. Here are the designated civil rights coordinators for this district.

Civil Rights Title IX Coordinator

(i.e. sex discrimination)

  • Corine Leak
  • (773) 553-2688
  • Email
Civil Rights Title VI Coordinator

(i.e. race, color and national origin discrimination)

  • Corine Leak
  • (773) 553-2688
  • Email
Civil Rights ADA/504 Coordinator

(i.e. disability discrimination)

  • Marlene Fuentes
  • 773-553-2257
  • Email
All Schools

Explore the disparities in discipline and academic opportunities across all schools in this district.

Sources & Notes

Sources: National Center for Education Statistics, U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights, Stanford University's Center for Education Policy Analysis, EDFacts, U.S. Department of Education’s Common Core of Data. Maps courtesy of Mapbox Community. Read our methodology

Notes: The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights occasionally updates the underlying dataset. ProPublica may update the interactive’s data in response.

Disparity scores are not available if there are too few students in a specific racial group to make a statistically significant calculation. They are also not available if data about a particular racial group was not reported. Some schools or districts reported an overcount of students in a disparity category (such as suspensions or AP courses) when compared with the total enrollment of that particular student group. In such cases, we also omit the disparity score.

Due to rounding, demographic breakdowns in composition charts may add up to more than 100 percent.

The racial categories we show data for are: Black, Hispanic, White, Asian/Pacific Islander or Native Hawaiian, Two or More Races, and Native American or Alaska Native. In some cases, we abbreviate the last three of these racial groups to Asian, Two+ Races, and Native Am.

Due to a technical issue with the Office for Civil Rights’ collection of data on sworn law enforcement officers in schools, the data for security staff may be an undercount.

As with any self-reported data, there may be errors in the federal Civil Rights Data Collection. Though districts are required to ensure the accuracy of their data, some may still report incorrect figures. Additionally, for some variables, the CRDC rounds the number of students for privacy reasons. In these cases, groups of students may represent a slight undercount or overcount.

Find errors? Have tips? Email [email protected].

Data specific to high school testing or high school level courses (including geometry, biology, calculus, AP enrollment, SAT testing rates, etc.) is calculated out of total high school enrollment, while data for other classes (such as eighth-grade algebra) is calculated out of total student enrollment. Read more about our data in our methodology

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