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Use this tool to compare nursing homes in a state based on the deficiencies cited by regulators and the penalties imposed in the past three years. You can also search over 60,000 nursing home inspection reports to look for trends or patterns. Here's our guide to making the most of this tool. | Related Story: Two Deaths, Wildly Different Penalties: The Big Disparities in Nursing Home Oversight.

Inconsistent Penalties Across the Country

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Serious Deficiencies per Home

Average Fine

Payment Suspensions

2 1.25 .75 .5 .250
$100K 40K $20K $10K $1K0
250 150 100 50 100

The number of serious deficiencies in each state (rated J, K or L on a scale of A to L) divided by the current number of Medicare-certified homes in the state.

The total of the fines paid by homes in the state divided by the number of fines in the past three years.

The number of times homes were penalized in the past three years through suspension of payments for new admissions.

Special focus facilities those flagged by the government for having a history of serious quality issues.

Special focus facility candidates meet the criteria to be a special focus facility but haven't yet been designated as one.

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About this Data

This app uses data from the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Fines are listed for the past three years if a home has made partial or full payment (fines under appeal are not included). Information on deficiencies come from a home’s last three inspection cycles, or roughly three years in total. Click here for a state-by-state breakdown of the data.

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