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Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office. If you think we're missing someone, please email us with their name, state, political party, office they hold or are seeking and, of course, their Twitter handle.

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RT @PeterAlexander: Trump, responding to my question, concedes there’s no national emergency to justify building his wall: “I didn’t ne… https://t.co/1iwJyisS6Z

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This President continues to try and go around the checks and balances in our government. This wall is racist and unnecessary and I’m doing to do everything I can to stop this national emergency declaration.

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Our democratic system is one of compromise, and I have deep concerns about the President’s decision to break with historical precedent and bypass that system, and wield a national emergency declaration as a tool to make good on a political promise.

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Effective leadership on tough issues doesn’t come through coercion, it comes through influence. Both sides came together in support a deal that funds billions in border security, including additional technology and physical barriers along the border.

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Dear Alan Dershowitz: The 25th Amendment is the law. @VP and a majority of the Cabinet can invoke this Amendment. You cay disagree with their use of it should they invoke it, but you cannot say it would be unconstitutional. You should read the Constitution again @AlanDersh.

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I put the digital revolution front-and-center in my announcement speech. From privacy to cybersecurity, this is a pressing public policy question that needs strong leadership. https://t.co/QgaiofWzVt

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RT @wsbdc: Great to meet Jessica Mulligan with @RepJayapal’s office today. Thank you for your support of SBDC and #SmallBiz in… https://t.co/eTL380J8ed

21059255 20150224 1258 bs88qd

Proposed national emergency declaration by @POTUS is not only unconstitutional, it would take money designated to help military families & disaster victims and redirect the funds for a wasteful, easily-defeated wall. Not the stupidest idea I have ever seen, but it comes close.

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I unequivocally did not support the spending package and border deal, H.J. Res. 31. Thanks to Fox Business for the opportunity to explain just how bad this bill is for the American People, and what happens next: https://t.co/Aq8Lz5N8em

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I'm dubious about some of this agreement, but that's compromise. In the end, this legislation funds important priorities for our national security & economy, resolves uncertainty for vital agencies & workers and ends the threat of another pointless government shutdown.

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(2/2) .. as well as disabled/handicapped housing and funding for our state and local law enforcement with $423M Byrne JAG grants and $303M for Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) Program grants.

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We received 1,200 pages of this bill text a little after 1 a.m. this morning. That gave us sess than 24 hours to read, review and vote on spending for a QUARTER of our government. This makes no sense. This process is broken. The American people deserve better.

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Just got back from the House floor, where we passed bipartisan, bicameral legislation to keep the government open and fund much-needed infrastructure improvements. https://t.co/rNIbLmct4p

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I just voted NO on the spending bill. My vote is in protest of 45’s continued assault on immigrants. His threats to invoke a national emergency is an abuse of power and a relentless pursuit of the criminalization & dehumanization of immigrants of color. #BrooklynResist

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Happy Valentines Day to the hard working people of the @StateDept. House Foreign cmte has your back. https://t.co/kKU6x0FoDt https://t.co/aY6hC9AvXm

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Our nation’s infrastructure is dilapidated and in need of serious investment. Our appropriations package funds improvements to our roads and rail systems and transitions rural America to 21st century technology. https://t.co/ZK5M7L4pZ6

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Why do we have a Congress? Presumably we have a Congress to deliberate, debate, and legislate. When it comes to border security, Congress has done none of these things.

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The United States stands with India following the brutal terror attack today in Jammu & Kashmir. My prayers are with the victims, families, & all affected by this heinous act. We must stand united in condemning & defeating terror around the globe. #KashmirTerrorAttack

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Are your deleted tweets displayed here but you think they shouldn't be? Here's how to let us know.