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Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office.

Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office. If you think we're missing someone, please email us with their name, state, political party, office they hold or are seeking and, of course, their Twitter handle.

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Remember the MacAruther Amendment? This is the GOP rep who almost saved #Trumpcare last year with a proposal to gut coverage for pre-existing conditions. His opponent @AndyKimNJ is running on health care and within striking distance. Help Andy today: https://t.co/08VKd7Tq9B

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This is a moment to@be proud of our country! Take it in. Use it as fuel to keep going. Congratulations to @christineforvt!

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Representative @JaredEMoskowitz has the kind of energy and determination that we need more of in the Legislature. I look forward to working closely with him to pass commonsense gun safety laws that will make Florida safer for everyone. ​https://t.co/f0lqxysfLg

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Many thanks to @CarlaNelsonMN for her call just a few minutes ago congratulating me

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Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who knocked the doors, made the phone calls, and carried this campaign through the finish line tonight. Onward to November! -Team Keith https://t.co/aPO5cbm24I

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Congratulations @Tim_Walz and @peggyflangan on winning your primary! Time to make history in November! #mnprimary

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RT @amyschumer: As a teen, @staceyabrams used her writing to make a difference. Later, she used her legislative know-how to fight—-… https://t.co/JE7Hvym2m8

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Congratulations to @christineforvt for her Democratic primary win for Governor of Vermont tonight. Let's continue making history and win this November!

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Congrats ⁦@IronStache⁩ on your primary win tonight! Your win is a win for working people....on to the general and time to #FlipItBlue! https://t.co/3FqezcSA9U

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RT @BryanSteilforWI: Thank you to all the supporters, volunteers, and voters who made our victory tonight possible! https://t.co/WIKM0uNb83

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Great to spend some time in Aliquippa today and see the progress being made. https://t.co/alpKtpzYT2

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@Starbucks Pull into parking lot at 8, call West Bath clerk, coordinate with client to make sure case is handled. Dash into court 20 mins early to get set up/prepared. Mediate case. Pause at 1030, call in to other court to get a final divorce hearing on record. #mepolitics

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Get ready! @IlhanMN and are coming to Washington. My sister just won her election. #sisterhood https://t.co/TKIhgj8vT6

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Cronkite in an old interview from The Nation shares some wisdom about his important profession: “the role of journalism is not to tell Americans what they want to hear but what they need to know as citizens — because, he said, “journalism is what we need to make democracy work.”

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Now my day was wake up at 4 am, email paperwork I can no longer hand deliver to West Bath and take care of urgent only email. 10 minutes to change and out the door. Kiss boys bye. Leave just before 6 for Newport. Hit @Starbucks in desperate need of tea. #SeeMaineWithTiffany

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An unsecured border provides drug cartels with markets in the Uto sell drugs, traffic humans, and generate billions of dollars that are financing criminal activity in Mexico and in the United States. Time to secure the border for our future and for Mexico’s. #BuildTheWall https://t.co/axguvAgoDc

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Thrilled to see @JahanaHayesCT win her primary tonight. She ran an incredible campaign and will bring a fresh and difference perspective to Washington as a teacher and a working mom.

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RT @ArnMenconi: I really recommend listening to Andrew @Revkin on @chrislhayes podcast. It’s one hell-of-a in-depth interview on Cl… https://t.co/k9vDe5WuUz

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RT @kylegriffin1: Sarah Sanders falsely claimed that Trump had tripled Obama's African-American job creation record in just 18 months… https://t.co/Hom7WfD15H

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Are your deleted tweets displayed here but you think they shouldn't be? Here's how to let us know.