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Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office.

Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office. If you think we're missing someone, please email us with their name, state, political party, office they hold or are seeking and, of course, their Twitter handle.

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Met a great group of folks in Cuyahoga tonignt at the Mayfield Heights Republican Club. Thanks for a wonderful evening and for all your hard work in the community. #OHSEN https://t.co/1pabhjgolL

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If the administration takes this action, it would undercut our farmers and biofuel producers at a time we should be bolstering our renewable fuel industry—not sabotaging it.

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Enjoyed meeting with members of the American Trucking Association and the California Trucking Association today to discuss their important role in keeping our economy moving. https://t.co/AaSnFrQI9y

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RT @SpeakerRyan: The poor state of our military readiness has left our service members under-equipped and under-prepared for the thr… https://t.co/KclUOt8TOK

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Bill also includes $663 million for uranium processing facility and $639 million for environmental cleanup of former Cold War sites in Oak Ridge. https://t.co/r3Ry5k61rr https://t.co/IRBCMU7JcC

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One thing that distinguishes me from my opponent in the upcoming runoff is I believe @TheDemocrats should NEVER view women's control over our own bodies as a negotiable issue – and I stood up to some of our party's leaders who believe otherwise. https://

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You know what would make this a more powerful statement? If he went resigning and quitting the fight. https://t.co/4d0Hw0NGMZ

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The conversion about gun violence must include police killings of unarmed civilians.

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RT @dnvolz: It's official. Page 533: The omnibus provides $380 million to states, allocated through the Election Assistance C… https://t.co/CteM2LGRLC

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We need just $30,000 more to hit our End of Quarter Goal by March 31st! Can you make a small contribution to help us hit our goal? Donate:>>https://t.co/qrEUAKvXdY#CA23 #MattaForCongress #WinBackYourState https://t.co/TGNWlqLRaV

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Now, as I run for office, I am humbled by his support for my campaign and the values that are the bedrock of my campaign. #CA23 #MattaForCongress #WinBackYourState >>https://t.co/qrEUAKvXdY << https://t.co/FYHuwsOnTA

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Working as a Co-Chair of Veterans & Military Families Committee on Gov. @MartinOMalley's presidential campaign was an honor. I witnessed first-hand his unwavering commitment to veterans & military families and his dedication to the democratic proc

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RT @MissouriChamber: Missouri's @RepHartzler shares her perspective on our #modcflyin question of the day — What can Congress do to help… https://t.co/fF9wwXZ51p

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Pleased to see our efforts to protect WMATA funding was successful and full $150 million is included in Omnibus.

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From restaurants, to gallery owners, to tech startups, #Brooklyn is a hub for small businesses. @SethHanlon reminds us that business owners can expect 20% deductions and temporary lowered income taxes.

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I am looking forward to seeing you in Tucson next Monday! Join #TeamOHalleran at R Bar at 5:30. Details #AZ01 https://t.co/arThcRXtMu

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Our bipartisan bill helps victims of sex trafficking seek justice by closing loopholes & eliminating federal liability protections that allowed sites like Backpage to assist, support, or facilitate sex trafficking online. #SESTA

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My bipartisan bill holding websites like Backpage accountable for facilitating sex trafficking passed today in the Senate! Hope the president swiftly signs it into law so we can continue protecting children in ND & across the country from the misery o

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“In first day of fundraising, we raised more small donations than Gov. Cuomo raised in seven years.”

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For those who are snowed in, don’t worry: Cynthia is live at Stonewall on her Facebook at https://t.co/N4DUMAt5jK. If you’re there, send in your pictures to #CynthiaforNY!

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Are your deleted tweets displayed here but you think they shouldn't be? Here's how to let us know.