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Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office.

Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office. If you think we're missing someone, please email us with their name, state, political party, office they hold or are seeking and, of course, their Twitter handle.

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247334603 20140514 18464 rntnw0

It’s time we addressed the outdated and ineffective laws that have let to overcrowded prison cells and cost taxpayers billions of dollars

282743058 20160404 1686 e6t6lu

Could IN loose future NCAA events because of Mike Pence's refusal to fix his discriminatory policies? Looks like it https://t.co/isjDpUQZS0

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It's the first-ever #CollageReporterDay at the White House! Tune in for a special press briefing: https://t.co/69xUWSyafr

1045110018 20131219 17470 1wnjzl4 0

There's no good excuse for the state's lackluster response to the #FlintWaterCrisis. Flint famlies need help now. https://t.co/cmomDpkvth

201433072 20160809 28581 1lm03dr

Congratulations to all of the #Ocean16 startups that pitched today. I was impressed - both with the people and the ideas.

13491312 20131119 1968 uiknvg 0

Had a productive meeting with the Air Line Pilots Association and my friend Rep. Bocchieri. @WeAreALPA https://t.co/9uqQ72QLcf

258900199 20141023 15124 1bjz89k

RT @unitywalk: Thank you for joining us last Saturday! You brought us one step closer to a cure for Parkinson’s disease. #puw2016 https://t.co/BaJ8JvNn4N

153944899 20131118 10284 iwdx08 0

The Administration can provide immediate relief on Rx pricing - read an article on my @amprog speech here https://t.co/dclQplAKcS

240778059 20150210 1270 oe7jx5

For me, education changed my whole life. My dad went to college on the GI Bill and it changed my family's live forever #SkillsThatMatter

242426145 20140715 1502 9b3hwf

A healthy #SchoolMeal is just as essential to child's success as textbook. Hungry kids can't learn. We need a strong #ChildNutrition bill.

150078976 20150311 1505 ryqfpa

.@HHS is changing the way we pay for healthcare - focusing on quality over quantity. Here's how: https://t.co/qqns28tFje

171598736 20140925 15133 179kwy1

.@BMarshall Great to speak with a Pittsburgh native today, thank you for your important work on #MentalHealth

24195214 20150112 1252 vdakyq

Ran into Doug Stamper –I mean Michael Kelly- Walking around the Capitol today. Turns out the… https://t.co/KzWU1OrILZ

432676344 20150506 20515 1wbx2b

I applaud @POTUS nomination of Judge Patricia Timmons-Good to the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of NC https://t.co/NLKjljHVGb

240778059 20150210 1270 oe7jx5

We need to work even harder and in a collaborative way so all our kids have opportunity #SkillsThatMatter

15361570 20150327 1483 14rxfaf

Satanists insulted by comparison of Ted Cruz to to Lucifer https://t.co/IbpDq3Fhyy

1080509366 20131219 21902 nua14q 0

Today on the House floor I honored the memory of the thousands of Americans lost to the #OpioidEpidemic. https://t.co/5b83Y3K4em

17907578 20150109 1264 24cefj

#Reduce #Reuse #Recycle can help you, the community & the environment save $, energy & natural resources #EarthMonth https://t.co/FoRu8xJDNL

747463206759698432 c8cvvwhj bigger

Watch at 12:45pm ET: A surprise guest drops by the White House Press Briefing: https://t.co/smbnPZgPka #FlashbackFriday

232268199 20150105 1267 fwh8m0

RT @NYSDEC: The 5th grade #ArborDay poster contest winner is Mahern Naqvi from Dutch Lane elementary school. https://t.co/VPIjyLeJKm

231108733 20150429 20498 nqy0la

<iframe width=512 height=330 src=https://t.co/wcMfR9clEq allowfullscreen=allowfullscreen frameborder=0></iframe>

15939889 20140828 16887 3xa9l9

Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.)

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RT @TomSteyer: .@RealDonaldTrump calls climate change "a hoax." Wrong. Get your friends registered to vote: https://t.co/SSeTJKlvLf https://t.co/09Izg55hNu

30216513 20131118 10284 1ag04lw 0

Rioting and violence @CAGOP convention is bad for democracy & good for the electoral chance of #Trump

282743058 20160404 1686 e6t6lu

RT @SaveUSA1776: @GreggForGov The governor's mansion is now all yours. I'm a social conservative. I will not vote for Mike Pence this fall. It's all yours.

82649553 20150310 1508 dafwre

Rep Donna F Edwards (D-Md.)

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#NationalDrugTakebackDay is TOMORROW from 10AM-2PM. Dispose of #drugs @ locations across #MD. Find locations here: https://t.co/LSAEfCxGBu.

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Are your deleted tweets displayed here but you think they shouldn't be? Here's how to let us know.