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Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office.

Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office. If you think we're missing someone, please email us with their name, state, political party, office they hold or are seeking and, of course, their Twitter handle.

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29501253 20141120 15121 oyssfu

RT @BeverlyPress: Rep. Schiff said bill headed to president for signature will provide protections for California National Guard bonu… https://t.co/9YcA3CPXhS

467823431 20141106 15133 1wl3ziy

John Glen. Marine. Astronaut. Senator. American Hero. May he forever Rest In Peace https://t.co/VRwmDBHJ2X

80612021 20131118 10284 3bg8k4 0

I am going to miss @REGGIEYB1 and @TamiRoman this year at my 22nd Toys for Kids Christmas Party!

80612021 20131118 10284 3bg8k4 0

We mourned the loss of a former colleague in Congress #JohnGlenn. He was an American Icon for his work in Space and in the Senate.

14135426 20140828 16887 1sui546

Dawn Farris-Fisher, childhood friend, courageous cancer survivor, came to DC to talk about importance of the #ACA https://t.co/PYKGQTW0SL

1283359081 20150106 1255 c5em0i

From my first day to my last day in Congress, my priority will always be serving you --> https://t.co/yK8nwrDxNShttps://t.co/sXVKKBzbPI

1080844782 20140304 18979 cjdupk

Need help w/ a federal agency? Come to #MobileOfficeHours Thursday, 12/15, 12:30 - 2:00pm at Chandler Sunset Librar… https://t.co/ABLgx37qBD

28599820 20131118 10284 ka1eih 0

@Surgeon_General helps us sound the alarm on teen use of #ecigs. Nicotine in any form harms developing brains. https://t.co/RjHpYZ286q

122174004 20140903 15133 1a8xumk

Lovely evening w/ Tom at the @WhiteHouse holiday party last evening. Thank you for the wonderful memories, @POTUS &… https://t.co/VGFqo9GsUX

155669457 20140930 15130 q7hitv

My @house-democracy colleague @PeterRoskam & I have a new oped in @thehill on the importance of fighting corruption: https://t.co/OsESr90KaA

150078976 20150311 1505 ryqfpa

Trump's nomination of Andy Puzder betrays the very workers who elected him. It's hard to imagine a worse nominee for the Department of Labor

40302336 20131119 1968 72la9t 0

RT @RepJerryNadler: I am hosting a Town Hall Meeting 12/19: What to expect from the Trump Admin and the new Congress in coming years.… https://t.co/Vlt4ad8dYl

516880804 20131219 25270 qguzgj 0

My thoughts on President-elect Trump's choice of Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers to lead @Interiorhttps://t.co/EwKmSIaohO

942156122 20150320 1500 vebmf1

#PEOTUS doesn't take his intel briefings, yet tells @TIME that 17 intel are agencies wrong about #RussiaHacks. Big FU to patriots serving us

432676344 20150506 20515 1wbx2b

.@POTUS orders an investigation into election-related hacking. We must preserve the integrity of our democracy. https://t.co/leUkFcoWkI

1072467470 20131219 14998 aru6m1 0

DYK nearly 100 bridges in the #HV are considered “high hazard?” Last night, House passed my bill to invest in dams. https://t.co/tYeE6dYdf0

17907578 20150109 1264 24cefj

RT @EmergeNevada: Govts should accurately reflect the communities they represent. Apps for Class of '17 close @ 5PM today!… https://t.co/QA9FVDs1v1

1077121945 20131219 17192 128u3oc 0

RT @CKeeganWPTV: .@RepLoisFrankel leading an opioid discussion now. Monday she's meeting with local govts to draft new laws incorpor… https://t.co/4CN0SrT5Xg

1140648348 20131219 1797 1mys1do 0

.@Surgeon_General is right: we need fewer teens hooked on nicotine. We've got to monitor & regular e-cigarettes. https://t.co/DubuzZTDcg

942156122 20150320 1500 vebmf1

Today I asked @US_FDA to help CA #biotech startups navigate complex regulatory process & get treatments to patients. https://t.co/td8dH3tyYs

29501253 20141120 15121 oyssfu

Rex Tillerson has extensive business dealings with Putin & Russia, favors doing away with sanctions. Huge conflict… https://t.co/I2Oit3QaCK

48086014 20150204 1261 ykvq76

Chaka Fattah (D-Pa.)

Politwoops no longer follows this account.

A Mind to Work ! https://t.co/4aIyQY7hCJ

16789970 20131118 10284 14cgf0l 0

Senator Harry Reid (D-Nev.)

Politwoops no longer follows this account.

RT @amjoyshow: #ICYMI-@SenatorReid says FBI Director James Comey should be investigated in wake of CIA revelations. RETWEET 2 AGREE https://t.co/P1EvOFydAh

201433072 20160809 28581 1lm03dr

RT @danpfeiffer: To summarize: Trump praises Putin Trump publicly urges Putin to hack opponent Putin hacks opponent Trump wins Trump denies Putin's role

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Are your deleted tweets displayed here but you think they shouldn't be? Here's how to let us know.