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Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office.

Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office. If you think we're missing someone, please email us with their name, state, political party, office they hold or are seeking and, of course, their Twitter handle.

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14135426 20140828 16887 1sui546

RT @theJBRU: @keithellison Tell me you'll be voting against changes to the Ethics office Republicans made.

14135426 20140828 16887 1sui546

Republicans want to hamstring the Congressional Ethics Office? Guess they're on the other side of that issue.

193732179 20131118 10284 qs2zoc 0

Just cast a proud vote for @NancyPelosi for Speake, because the people's House should be ethically accountable and open to free debate

14135426 20140828 16887 1sui546

RT @keithellison: Looking for a new podcast to listen to? Check out We the Podcast on iTunes. Hosted by yours truly. Subscribe here: https://t.co/sWxLebOA8E

381152398 20150113 1267 1s7hapg

Erroneous reporting by @WBRC on my statement about Session confirmation! Shame on you! I share the serious concerns of my constituents!!

240812994 20131118 10284 1xmv3rt 0

@sarahmaclean Sure, we'll be having a few events soon. I'll be in contact.

34308692 20141104 15133 qi2hz4

Governor Jay Nixon (D-Mo.)

Politwoops no longer follows this account.

Placing a call to Dade Co. PA Gary Troxel - a dedicated public servant who will now serve as Associate Circuit Judge https://t.co/OY1V7uRNmJ

1206227149 20140903 15130 x22yct

.@JaredHuffman @PeterWelch you should come try this Cave Aged Banded Cheddar, it will change your life.… https://t.co/S4HJM7lrFG

1135486501 20131219 30821 15gxeka 0

Too many have already lost their faith in government to gut ethical standards for Congress. We must move forward, n… https://t.co/hJdemdInLD

1135486501 20131219 30821 15gxeka 0

Thanks to everyone who stood against the proposed ethics change; you stopped it!

18695134 20131118 1968 ky77ut 0

Proud to welcome my friend @RepJoshG to Congress! Heading to see Josh at his reception got me thinking about my fir… https://t.co/QsBVrBGTox

515822213 20140903 15127 ra4g66

RT @washingtonpost: Breaking: Republicans back off gutting of House ethics office after critical Trump tweet https://t.co/hWXrbEeeT2

1092979962 20131120 1968 1ddfcbh 0

Fact: Republicans radical attempts to repeal #ACA & destroy Medicare, Social Security & Medicaid will #MakeAmericaSickAgain. Wrong!

24913074 20140304 18982 gg1ufu

@POTUS: There has been a 7 year campaign against the #ACA and still half the country supports it. Those who don't l… https://t.co/NmTId1XTyO

278124059 20150324 17556 10147n

Pres Obama is right in today's eloquent remarks to @SenateDems—ACA repeal would rip away health care from millions, raise costs&create chaos

240812994 20131118 10284 1xmv3rt 0

I was honored to join my parents & family as well as @SpeakerRyan for the start of the 115th session of Congress. I… https://t.co/3c2VBmwxik

122174004 20140903 15133 1a8xumk

I fought the IRS on this ill-advised proposal & will continue to advocate against it. https://t.co/2cyPupCJWK

234374703 20131118 10284 byli06 0

Urging #WV miners to bring their resume's to ArcelorMittal's job fair in Princeton today until 5 pm. More info here: https://t.co/mGlN9L6nnd

1045110018 20131219 17470 1wnjzl4 0

The state government -- who created this crisis -- needs to do more to aid in Flint's recovery. Congress has acted,… https://t.co/Gwxup5EVQf

232268199 20150105 1267 fwh8m0

This new tax credit I’m proposing will reduce the cost of child care for working families. Take a look:… https://t.co/6TCSEYFlhP

1410590874 20150114 1261 kujbxp

.@realDonaldTrump--Saw your support of Medicare drug negotiation on campaign trail. I intro'd the bill yesterday. L… https://t.co/qJ6TQoQtAr

58928690 20150126 1264 1xf4ysc

Repealing the #ACA will hurt women. I stand w/ @ProChoiceCaucus @NARAL & @Planned Parenthood in support of women's… https://t.co/vCZaV1HJJj

942156122 20150320 1500 vebmf1

"But who cares"...clearly you do. & hours before you're to finally take your #RussiaHacking briefing. https://t.co/cpjhR2uju5

14135426 20140828 16887 1sui546

@CFPB orders MoneyTree to pay $255k to customers for deception, misleading customers, & unauthorized transfer of $ https://t.co/KZYddIW2zx

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Are your deleted tweets displayed here but you think they shouldn't be? Here's how to let us know.