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Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office.

Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office. If you think we're missing someone, please email us with their name, state, political party, office they hold or are seeking and, of course, their Twitter handle.

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22812754 20131118 10284 wya8nu 0

RT @marinopr: NYC & NY State officials today joined BRP Companies to break ground on more than 660 units of affordable housing in… https://t.co/shxUfAJyTE

247334603 20140514 18464 rntnw0

RT @SenDuckworth: Relieved another of President Trump's reckless efforts to make our cities less safe has failed https://t.co/lI7nEm5ujW

201433072 20160809 28581 1lm03dr

Hey Mr. President, how about doing what's good for the planet and taking a cue from the private sector:

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The new docs make it clear we need an independent commission on Russian interference #FollowtheFacts #TrumpRussia https://t.co/xMjC3z1mnn

946549322 20150121 1267 lvwhe2

.@SenatorShaheen & I raised these concerns and others with @GovernorChristie during our meeting at the White House yesterday

164369297 20140107 25303 10gdw3d

SmallBusiness hearing on @SBAgov’s disaster assistance. We must ensure proper & timely loans. The importance hits h… https://t.co/TPiwtXnGHh

248495200 20150313 1494 12usi6m

Make no mistake, a lot of businesses will use their huge tax cut to hire robots to replace American workers. But W… https://t.co/ax9TdLR5K5

247334603 20140514 18464 rntnw0

I've long said that students defrauded by Corinthian&other predatory #4profit colleges shouldn't be left holding the bag when these collapse

236279233 20150202 1267 1h65byh

#SAINT will counter negative immigrant stereotypes. Share your positive #immigrant stories!

822059156668456961 oltrt 2o bigger

Wait... these aren't Trump's tax returns! They're just bad old economic ideas to give tax breaks to the wealthy. T… https://t.co/ag4vN5UNED

462143773 20150123 1252 1h9kmmp

Rep. Cicilline, @SenWhitehouse introduce 'Buffet Rule' to prevent wealthy Americans from paying lower tax rates tha… https://t.co/uHlnHb8HX5

822059156668456961 oltrt 2o bigger

I'm so proud of Seattle's role in leading the way - the first city to pass legislation raising wages to $15. https://t.co/huPJS0mP3K

155669457 20140930 15130 q7hitv

Congratulations to @ncsu student Alex Hsain, who presented her work on renewable electronics exhibited at the Capit… https://t.co/40qmB0ZHSz

155669457 20140930 15130 q7hitv

Congratulation to @ncsu researcher Alex Hsain, who presented her work on electronics for health monitoring at the C… https://t.co/ylHECLlt8F

801478506 20150115 1274 c7wz9x

This isn't a tax reform plan. It's political theater. And when is Trump going to release HIS taxes? #TrumpTaxes https://t.co/QINcg4mYOe

36686040 20131217 30138 1nyx0a2 0

RT @YahooNews: WATCH LIVE: @MaxineWaters says, “There are so many allies of this president … who have connections with Russia”… https://t.co/2CeaGeEaB4

122174004 20140903 15133 1a8xumk

I signed onto a letter telling DeVos that federal contractors who violated consumer protection laws should not be e… https://t.co/2tIpDDjdvK

168673083 20150310 17556 1bnxh0o

Enjoyed discussing STEM & #GA13 students with 2017 GA Teacher of the Year Casey Bethel from @NewManchesterHShttps://t.co/JoHzi62aIo

1058717720 20150122 1261 1hdyx4x

Proud to stand w/@SEEC colleagues to call for action to address #climatechange & to protect our environment & econo… https://t.co/3ALTeziczP

813813614423457792 fbur h6s bigger

I wish the fringe right would be honest about their goals. They'd prefer transgender people just to disappear. Sounds vaguely familiar...

821061105569202177 c7htjtjn bigger

We're live from Loudoun County for our 12th town hall in recent weeks. Watch here: https://t.co/FHeSHTOBLz #VAGov

813813614423457792 fbur h6s bigger

RT @LisRiba: @Spacekatgal Any chance of tying the minimum wage to congressional salaries, as well? Every time they vote themselves a pay hike...

813813614423457792 fbur h6s bigger

Over the last three years, congressional approval has been as low as six percent. I think typing congressional pay… https://t.co/X5SFZt2d04

813813614423457792 fbur h6s bigger

Can you think of ANY industry where you could have 6 percent job approval and not get fired? Clearly, something has to change.

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Are your deleted tweets displayed here but you think they shouldn't be? Here's how to let us know.