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Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office.

Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office. If you think we're missing someone, please email us with their name, state, political party, office they hold or are seeking and, of course, their Twitter handle.

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1058717720 20150122 1261 1hdyx4x

@AARPNH .@AARPNH It's wrong for NH & America. I hope Senate will reject AHCA so we can get to work in a bipartisan… https://t.co/uNNRbntgBO

23593446 20150512 29682 ibbgmi

Honored to lay the cornerstone today on new Veterans Home in Bristol.

18137749 20140304 18997 udiid1

President Trump: If you’re so keen on Australia’s health care maybe you shouldn’t try to strip away universal healt… https://t.co/FkYnkAyWrP

242836537 20131118 10284 aobw2l 0

RT @BrennanCenter: Trump: 3-5 million people voted improperly in 2016 election. Local election officials: Nope. New BCJ analysis: https://t.co/zK0iQksC1W

231510077 20150608 7805 be0t1d

RT @JoaquinCastrotx: Yesterday, I voted against the #AHCA, Republicans’ healthcare bill. I explain my reasoning in this video: https://t.co/4OrIPiJgLv

150078976 20150311 1505 ryqfpa

Let's be very clear: Trump is sabatoging the ACA. Insurers are rethinking marketplaces bc he is threatening to stop… https://t.co/Jq0DEQlWtO

813813614423457792 fbur h6s bigger

Be right back. Changing all my campaign litterature from "America" to "Republic of Gilead." https://t.co/yjhUXq3pB1

813813614423457792 fbur h6s bigger

RT @xeni: Obamacare vote is the diagnosis -- now let's cure Congress (Opinion) - Xeni Jardin on @CNN https://t.co/hasLe6x2gz

821061105569202177 c7htjtjn bigger

Be sure to tune in to @msnbc this morning at 10:15. I’ll talk about health care & our progressive campaign for governor with @JoyAnnReid!

20747881 20140902 15121 k9g1l0

This is amazing. Kipchoge nearly broke 2 hours in the marathon!!! #breaking2 https://t.co/2tzxLu3VxD

22523087 20150126 1270 1hu3w0n

In March, Trump signed an EO to "strengthen" HBCUs. Yesterday, he issued a threat to undermine them. When will the… https://t.co/ceN7I2tcyJ

88806753 20150106 1255 1brv4gt

.@USCBO 38/ Health care is a life and death struggle. It isn't a game. Yes, we can improve health care, but the #AHCA doesn’t do that.

163570705 20150115 1258 rhjy5g

Dear @realDonaldTrump, hire some new lawyers if you think banning muslims is constitutional and funding black colleges in unconstitutional.

796490279951839232 5u3wmxo1 bigger

RT @KuronekoOO3: @KamalaHarris I have a congenital heart problem and high blood pressure. I've been without health insurance since F… https://t.co/h4K6ygyynq

38285038 20140903 15124 197iid9

RT @MikeLevinCA: No public hearings, no time for debate, no CBO score. But Darrell Issa cast the deciding vote anyway. Had enough?… https://t.co/sjbesZ8nDo

796490279951839232 5u3wmxo1 bigger

RT @Sallyc2c: @KamalaHarris Knee surgery, osteoarthritis, heart murmur, mitral valve prolapse; granddaughter has Tuberous Scleros… https://t.co/n2gyokQ4Wk

14984637 20140826 16887 j4lbrn

Our hearts are heavy w/ loss of Mainer & Navy SEAL Kyle Milliken. We're forever grateful for his selfless service. https://t.co/edO3RTWdTe

122174004 20140903 15133 1a8xumk

$600b in handouts to wealthy VS gutting Medicaid, preventative programs, & standards for pre-existing conditions. https://t.co/LsF9RkLLwj

170111219 20140828 16887 xmycb5

We must continue to resists the Republicans' healthcare destroying bill. https://t.co/h10ZjtB7ud

18137749 20140304 18997 udiid1

They can try to take away our health care, but they can’t take away our grit to fight back. #ProtectOurCare https://t.co/d4G0HIDECa

817454739910750209  lvcqa9a bigger

RT @MEPFuller: Mika: "...in good times and in bad, in sickness and in—" Joe: "...and in health, yeah. I want bring Mike Barnicle into this. Mike, what..."

813813614423457792 fbur h6s bigger

@AbrahamHanover That word is really inappropriate to say. Can you please just quote our president talking about grabbing women by the pussy?

813813614423457792 fbur h6s bigger

@MichaelAWoodJr 1/ Michael, I have more followers than you. If I wanted to, I could have quoted your Tweet and sent… https://t.co/VPt99v6aWA

813813614423457792 fbur h6s bigger

@MichaelAWoodJr 2/ I don't do this because I think it's unhelpful. This is what you did to me not once, not twice, but three times.

813813614423457792 fbur h6s bigger

@MichaelAWoodJr 3/ I blocked you because when men indignantly keep arguing with me, I walk away. You are owed nothi… https://t.co/0QDkhxn8ES

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Are your deleted tweets displayed here but you think they shouldn't be? Here's how to let us know.