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Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office.

Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office. If you think we're missing someone, please email us with their name, state, political party, office they hold or are seeking and, of course, their Twitter handle.

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60688326 20131119 1968 cu2o8h 0

This year, Utahns saw the second-highest increase in personal income nationwide. https://t.co/6SawaI9CRL

18566912 20131118 1968 1kexchh 0

Fundamental tax reform & #Obamacare repeal are critical. We know what a burden #Obamacare has been upon our economy. https://t.co/p6Rv1ww1sC

240393970 20150414 26785 1t2p9t6

Great lunch meeting & discussion with USC professors this afternoon! Dr. Jim Knapp (left) testified before the NR c… https://t.co/NpsclqsiiK

234469322 20140828 16905 1e55ccu

Today, my CFTC Amendment to the Agriculture Appropriations Bill Passed with Full Support. Read my statement here: https://t.co/4GRwFwuYnY

295685416 20140107 25321 im77rg

Human trafficking has no place in our society. Today, the House passed sweeping reforms to EndTrafficking https://t.co/LdGrLUQrlj

229966028 20131119 1968 supgi7 0

Meeting with Tony Bruno, CEO of @ULALaunch, to discuss #Florida's lead role in assuring access to space for nationa… https://t.co/VoF3lHckUW

188969454 20160209 26567 15acs1k

RT @FoxNews: AG Jeff Sessions: Under President #Trump, we are finally getting serious about securing our border. https://t.co/nieUjsp9yO

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Agree. But keeping down cost to biz is essential. Why are wages stagnant? One reason: Healthcare costs. #CA07https://t.co/3myQ9T0GB7

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Obama DOJ let's her in country under "extraordinary circumstances"? https://t.co/BR99UTJzjK

18030431 20131118 10284 1t0hbwq 0

#FY18NDAA is a win for our military. Our soldiers serve with commitment & honor - it is high time they revived the… https://t.co/3Z8KxrS7Ll

18030431 20131118 10284 1t0hbwq 0

The #FY18NDAA rebuilds our national defense. It gives our troops the pay raise they deserve, and the resources they need to defend.

18030431 20131118 10284 1t0hbwq 0

@forthood After 8 years of irresponsible defense spending under the past administration, it is high time we give ou… https://t.co/6XhqcfnfI0

18916432 20131119 1968 1e1vitz 0

Tune in to today's @WaysAndMeansGOP hearing on how tax reform will help small businesses grow, invest & create jobs. https://t.co/LCSsWrOJyf

213795411 20150324 1508 1ki3h4q

Declared a State of Emergency in response to severe weather and flooding in Burlington, WI https://t.co/1TrdnPpA9z

242873057 20150106 1258 ibcqre

The #EveryKidOutdoors Act will help schools provide more kids with opportunities to get outside, explore & learn ab… https://t.co/fU2UwnGMGQ

194233791 20140913 15112 zvi07u

Congrats to Jenna Lee Hayes on joining other International Finals Youth Rodeo greats and being inducted into the IFYR Hall of Fame!

20217019 20150106 1267 1rdge22

Great to see my friend @GERONIMO_GF at @NatlGovsAssoc Summer Meeting today. #Az is committed to our relationship wi… https://t.co/Hg6RWlPjV9

219429281 20150128 1274 9aooy

An inspiration to millions, Liu Xiaobo leaves a legacy of courage, dignity & morality that will continue to guide the world. May he #RIP.

343358379 20140902 15130 1c47ilp

“You have to understand, this is something that would’ve never happened in L.A.!" https://t.co/nXGF8kn2A9

14275291 20150106 1261 daa3yn

RT @TheCHLI: ...& don't miss @RosLehtinen speak at the #CHLIBriefing- one of the most powerful voices in Congress for freedom &… https://t.co/i20keuyNRr

252819323 20131119 1968 1y8fe1z 0

RT @ACReform: Thank you to @RepTomReed for meeting with our #Champs4Charity group this morning to discuss charitable giving and t… https://t.co/fm4PobpLCc

19739126 20141118 15127 qtwkuu

RT @nikkiwentling: New today: An expanded, "forever" GI Bill will be introduced in the House & poised for quick action in Congress https://t.co/TkuFnmkjKp

60688326 20131119 1968 cu2o8h 0

@Adobe is expanding in Lehi. Their growth will create 1,260 new jobs that pay about 300% of average county wage. Co… https://t.co/qfNTVhDjBV

18805303 20131118 10284 175fyg 0

Good first step by the Senate to untangle tax reform and #healthcare, leaving in place taxes on America's wealthiest.

14275291 20150106 1261 daa3yn

Excited to be apart of this #Venezuela @theCHLI briefing along side mi hernanos legislativos @LincolnDBalart +… https://t.co/tvZpRWjqFA

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Are your deleted tweets displayed here but you think they shouldn't be? Here's how to let us know.