Politicians We Follow

This may be an incomplete list. If you think we're missing someone, please email us with their Name, State, Political Party, Office they hold or are seeking and, of course, Twitter handle. Thanks!

DanDonovan_NY Dan Donovan N.Y. House Representative Republican
RepDanDonovan Dan Donovan N.Y. House Representative Republican
JoeD4OK Joe Dorman Okla. Gubernatorial Candidate Democrat inactive
crisdosev Cris Dosev Fla. House Candidate Republican
PatriceForOK Patrice Douglas Okla. House Candidate Republican inactive
USRepMikeDoyle Mike Doyle Pa. House Representative Democrat
Marge4Congress Marge Doyle Calif. House Candidate Democrat
dougducey Doug Ducey Ariz. Governor Republican
TammyforIL Tammy Duckworth Ill. Senator Democrat
tammyduckworth Tammy Duckworth Ill. Senator Democrat
SenDuckworth Tammy Duckworth Ill. Senator Democrat
RepSeanDuffy Sean Duffy Wis. House Representative Republican
Duffy4Wisconsin Sean Duffy Wis. House Candidate Republican
DrDavidDuke David Duke La. Senate Candidate Republican inactive
RepJeffDuncan Jeff Duncan S.C. House Representative Republican
RepJohnDuncanJr John Duncan Jr. Tenn. House Representative Republican
Duncan4Congress Jeff Duncan S.C. House Candidate Republican
DrNealDunnFL2 Neal Dunn Fla. House Representative Republican
DunnCampaign Neal Dunn Fla. House Candidate Republican
SenatorDurbin Dick Durbin Ill. Senator Democrat

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