Politicians We Follow

This may be an incomplete list. If you think we're missing someone, please email us with their Name, State, Political Party, Office they hold or are seeking and, of course, Twitter handle. Thanks!

MaxBaucus Max Baucus Mont. Senator Democrat inactive
VoteBaumgartner Michael Baumgartner Wash. Senate Candidate Republican inactive
ralphbaxter Ralph Baxter W.Va. House Candidate Democrat inactive
ianbayneisright Ian Bayne Ill. House Candidate Republican inactive
beal2018 Brent Beal Texas House Candidate Democrat inactive
RepBeatty Joyce Beatty Ohio House Representative Democrat
JoyceBeatty Joyce Beatty Ohio House Candidate Democrat
bobbeauprez Bob Beauprez Colo. Gubernatorial Candidate Republican inactive
AGBecerra Xavier Becerra Calif. State Official Democrat
XavierBecerra Xavier Becerra Calif. State Official Democrat
BeckForIndiana Tobi Beck Ind. House Candidate Democrat inactive
BedellforVA Eileen Bedell Va. House Candidate Democrat inactive
GovBeebeMedia Mike Beebe Ark. Governor Democrat inactive
Beeler4Congress Jeffrey Beeler Wash. House Candidate Republican inactive
SenatorBegich Mark Begich Alaska Senator Democrat inactive
MarkBegich Mark Begich Alaska Gubernatorial Candidate Democrat inactive
AimeeBelgard Aimee Belgard N.J. House Candidate Democrat inactive
AdrBell Adrienne Bell Texas House Candidate Democrat inactive
Bellows4Senate Shenna Bellows Maine Senate Candidate Democrat inactive
David_Benac David Benac Mich. House Candidate Democrat inactive

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