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Contract: K-CON, INC.

Primary Recipient




Award Date


Administering Agency

Interior, Department of / U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

CDFA Number

CDFA Program Title


Construction of (3) Visitor Contact Stations (Bald Knob NWR, Big Lake NWR and Wapanocca NWR) and construction of (1) Shop Building at Big Lake NWR, Arkansas.

Recipients Connected to Award

Recipient Role Amount
K-CON, INC. Primary recipient $1,724,882.58
Premier Building & Electrical Company Inc Sub-recipient $302,050.00
PARAMOUNT METAL SYSTEMS, LLC Sub-recipient $298,000.00
Shannon Kee Construction LLC Sub-recipient $129,657.10
Control Heating & Cooling, Inc Sub-recipient $120,000.00
RIVERSIDE CONSTRUCTION CO., INC. Sub-recipient $114,415.78
AAA Plumbing of Blytheville Inc Sub-recipient $84,850.00
Bethune Painting, Inc Sub-recipient $74,280.00
M&M FINISHING INC Sub-recipient $42,875.00
Glass Doctor of The Heartland Sub-recipient $16,912.70
EXTERIOR INNOVATIONS, LLC Sub-recipient $11,250.00
Morris & Backhoe & Septic Syst. Sub-recipient $5,975.00