Rhode Island

    Compare the performance of surgeons practicing at hospitals in this state, in one of the following procedures:

Cervical (Neck) Spinal Fusion

Other cervical fusion of the anterior column, anterior technique (ICD-9-CM code 81.02)

The fusing of two or more vertebrae of the neck, using orthopedic devices to hold them in place. Age-related breakdown or displacement of the spinal discs in the neck. More information »

1Rhode Island hospitals performed this procedure on Medicare patients.
0 (0%)have at least one surgeon with a low adjusted complication rate.
Alert stop2 50396a7919fcffb9b54ceb393a298dce637a556b013844b32d7e939e9458f99d0 (0%)have at least one surgeon with a high adjusted complication rate.

Sorted by the surgeon with the lowest adjusted rate of complications at each hospital, along with a measure representing the combined performance of surgeons and hospitals for these procedures.

High Adjusted Rate of Complications