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Entities in this category received subsidies through one of TARP’s housing programs and aren’t expected to return the money

$559M Disbursed
$856M Committed
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See our page summarizing the mortgage modification program for more information.

Note: Subsidies for the mortgage modification program are listed separately from other commitments. So if a company received other assistance, that will be listed separately.

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  • $856M Bailout

    Apr. 13, 2009 Incentive Payments for Home Loan Modification

    Investment cap reflects adjustment made on Aug. 16, 2012.

    More info from

    $559M has actually been disbursed.
    Mar. 31, 2015: $559M

    Subsidy as of March 2015: Borrower: $128,961,414.32; Investor: $272,887,035.46; Servicer: $157,208,981.66

Date Type Amount Program Description
04/13/2009 Subsidy $856,024,429 MHA Incentive Payments for Home Loan Modification

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