Group Helps Israeli Expats Vote Absentee — or Do They?

There are about 200,000 registered U.S. voters living in Israel right now, and all are eligible to vote by absentee ballot. A nonprofit group called IVoteIsrael popped up to help this sometimes confusing process along.

But whether they’re actually being helpful is the subject of some debate.

IVoteIsrael collects ballots from voters at drop boxes across the country — from bake shops to private residences — and offers help for absentee voters with questions about the process.

Here’s their peppy explainer video:

But there may be trouble in paradise. The Jerusalem Post reports that several people have complained that IVoteIsrael has “flubbed” the absentee voting process, failing to mail in their ballots by the requested deadline. Angry voters have taken to a private Facebook group to lodge complaints.

“Calling my local voting board this close to the election and them telling me that they haven’t received anything hasn’t inspired confidence in iVoteIsrael. Next election, I think I’ll register myself and not trust it to an external organization,” Steven Slivnick, a Israel resident from Illinois, said in a post published by The Jerusalem Post.

Officials at IVoteIsrael dismissed the concerns in an interview with the Jerusalem Post, saying that a small minority of ballots were lost in the mail.

Jessica Huseman

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