Trump Alleges Widespread Voter Fraud on Twitter

This morning, Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump took to twitter to allege widespread voter fraud:

The day before, he tweeted something very similar:

The first tweet came only hours after Indiana Gov. Mike Pence made a Sunday appearance on Meet the Press, saying that his ticket would “absolutely accept the results of the election.” The second came only minutes after campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told CNN that Trump’s frequent claims that the election is “rigged” referred to a biased mainstream media and not voter fraud.

While the Trump campaign figures out how to get on the same page, rest assured that in-person voter fraud is incredibly rare. Bigly:

  • This study found only 31 instances of credible voter fraud in over 1 billion ballots cast.
  • A Brennan Center study found only a tiny fraction of alleged voter fraud was actually legitimate.
  • A national study found no credible evidence to suggest that voter impersonation was a problem.
  • A two-year, $250,000 investigation in Iowa found 117 possible instances of voter fraud. Of those, only six led to criminal convictions.

Jessica Huseman

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