Last updated on Oct. 31, 2015

This database was last updated in November 2015 and should only be used as a historical snapshot.

Rep. Tom Emmer

R-Minn., 6th District. Member since 2015. Website | Facebook

votes missed
1 out of 581
misses explained
0 out of 1

Tom Emmer ranks 384th in votes missed of the 434 voting lawmakers in the current Congress, which began this year.

Types of Votes Explained

We classified votes into three categories: On amendments to bills, which are numerous and can be voted on very quickly; on bills considered “under suspension of the rules,” which are usually uncontroversial and require two-thirds support for passage, and on “floor votes,” which include votes “on passage” and require a simple majority for approval.
Floor Votes
Suspension of the Rules

Other Representatives from Minnesota:

Name Missed
Keith Ellison (D) 5.9%
Betty McCollum (D) 3.0%
Richard M. Nolan (D) 2.1%
Collin C. Peterson (D) 1.8%
Timothy J. Walz (D) 1.1%
Erik Paulsen (R) 1.0%
John Kline (R) 0.7%
Tom Emmer (R) 0.2%

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