Mountain Home VA Medical Center


Mentioned in a privacy incident report created by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs on May 16, 2014. Also cited in 20 other reports.

Report ID: PSETS0000104244, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Reported Entity: MOUNTAIN HOME TN - 621


Veteran A called the VA operator this morning and reported that he had received Veteran B's appointment letter. The Privacy Officer (PO) returned the call to Veteran A. He received his blood work report and along with it, was an appointment letter for Veteran B. He is returning the information and the PO has contacted Veteran B with a verbal reminder of his appointment. The PO also contacted the supervisor of the clinic where it is believe that the envelope was double stuffed. Veteran B's name, address and appointment information was compromised.


06/03/14: The Incident Resolution Team determined that Veteran B will receive a HIPAA letter of notification since his protected health information (PHI) was compromised..

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