H.CON.RES.26: Recommending the posthumous award of the Medal of Honor to Sergeant Rafael Peralta.

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This bill was introduced in the 113th Congress
This bill is primarily about armed forces and national security
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Sponsor Duncan D. Hunter, R-Calif.
Total Cosponsors 33 (9 Democrats, 24 Republicans)
Introduced March 19, 2013
Latest Major Action April 5, 2013
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Bill Summary

Recognizes Sergeant Rafael Peralta, a Mexican-American who joined the Marine Corps on the same day he received his permanent residence status, for his dedication to the Marine Corps and the United States and for upholding the highest standards of military service.

Recognizes that his courageous and selfless actions in combat saved the lives of his fellow Marines.

Concurs with the Marine Corps and the Navy that his actions are in the spirit and tradition of the Medal of Honor.

Maintains that eyewitness accounts confirm that Sergeant Peralta deliberately pulled a live grenade into his body in order to save his fellow Marines, and such accounts should be the leading and deciding factor in evaluating his Medal of Honor nomination.

Recommends that Sergeant Peralta be posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.

(Source: Congressional Research Service)

Bill Actions

Date Description
April 5, 2013 Referred to the Subcommittee on Military Personnel.
March 19, 2013 Referred to the House Committee on Armed Services.