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In mid-December of 2008, Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson stepped in to lend General Motors and Chrysler billions to prevent impending bankruptcy. Billions more have gone out to GM’s and Chrysler’s financing arms in order to help consumers buy cars.

Total disbursement to Auto Companies

Total returned

Total revenues from dividends, interest, and other fees

Total net to date

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Bailout Funds Outgoing Bailout Funds, Incoming
Name Type State Profit /
Net Outstanding
Disbursed Returned Dividends +
Warrants Other Proceeds
Chrysler Auto Company MI -$1,212,849,005 $10,748,284,222 $7,256,590,642 $1,171,263,942 $0 $1,107,580,633
General Motors Auto Company MI -$11,380,769,404 $50,744,648,329 $38,669,718,324 $694,160,600 $0 $0
GM Supplier Receivables, LLC Auto Company (Parts Supplier) DC $65,403,673 $290,000,000 $290,000,000 $65,403,673 $0 $0
Chrysler Receivables SPV LLC Auto Company (Parts Supplier) DC $49,671,126 $123,076,735 $123,076,735 $49,671,126 $0 $0