Last updated on Oct. 31, 2015

Rep. Scott H. Peters

D-Calif., 52nd District. Member since 2013. Website | Facebook

votes missed
27 out of 1,773
misses explained
1 out of 27

Scott H. Peters ranks 162nd in votes missed of the 434 voting lawmakers in the current Congress, which began this year.

Most Common Explanation Types

ProPublica categorized the many reasons members gave for missing votes. Of these explanations —which are not mandatory— half of all explanations are unclear, simply restating the absence. Also commonly cited are personal and family obligations, and ill health.
Ambiguous or no reason

Types of Votes Explained

We classified votes into three categories: On amendments to bills, which are numerous and can be voted on very quickly; on bills considered “under suspension of the rules,” which are usually uncontroversial and require two-thirds support for passage, and on “floor votes,” which include votes “on passage” and require a simple majority for approval.
Floor Votes
Suspension of the Rules

All Vote Explanations

Date Vote Roll Call Title Reason
March 23, 2015 No House vote 125 On Passage, H R 1030 Ambiguous or no reason