From 2017 through 2019, ProPublica and a group of news organizations and civil rights groups collected personal stories from people who witnessed or were victims of hate crimes or bias incidents. This page lists some resources for people who have been affected.

Resources for Victims and Witnesses of Hate Crimes and Bias Incidents

If you were the victim of a crime, The Southern Poverty Law Center recommends you contact the police. The Human Rights Campaign has advice for victims on how best to do that.

You can also contact the Stop Hate Project, which provides resources and assistance to victims by connecting them to community organizations, mental health services, and in some cases, access to lawyers.

If you believe you were targeted because of your sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or HIV status, you can contact Lambda Legal for legal assistance. You may also wish to reach out to a local LGBTQ anti-violence center for emotional support. The National Coalition for Anti Violence has a 24 hour hotline.

If you need counseling, SAHMSA can help those in need of mental health services find services in their local area. If you are in immediate emotional distress, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline has a 24 hour hotline and text service.

Witnesses and supporters: The Southern Poverty Law Center has some guidance on how best to support victims.

If you are a victim of online harassment, this site has a guide to keeping yourself safe online.

If you were the victim of a hate crime or witnessed a bias incident, please tell us your story.

Resources for Journalists

Looking for recent news clips about hate incidents around the country? Use our News Index tool, which we created in collaboration with Google News Lab and Pitch Interactive.

See how many hate crimes your local police department reported to the FBI from 2010 to 2016. You can also see FOIA responses from local police departments with their hate crime numbers.

Find out which local police departments reported zero hate crimes to the FBI in 2016.