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Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office.

Politwoops tracks deleted tweets by public officials, including people currently in office and candidates for office. If you think we're missing someone, please email us with their name, state, political party, office they hold or are seeking and, of course, their Twitter handle.

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Congrats to eastern CT’s Rebecca Aubrey on being named the 2019 @ACTFL National Language Teacher of the year. This prestigious national recognition is well deserved, and our region is lucky to be home to a dedicated and skilled educator such as Rebecca. https://t.co/mS2REo3AtD

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For Jackson and his family, telemedicine means avoiding expensive travel costs and hours spent in waiting rooms. For rural and isolated communities, telemedicine can be the cheapest and most effective way to get lifesaving care! https://t.co/W21ybdoGxI

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The EPA’s clean air rollbacks willfully turn a blind eye to the dangers of #ClimateChange.Today @RepDianaDeGette, @RepPaulTonko & I are demanding requesting insight into details of the decision-making process. We need answers - too many lives are at risk. https://t.co/0AG0DcAlB9

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Sacramento residents, be sure that you're taking steps to protect yourself and your families from smoke by limiting outdoor activity. More information is available from the @SacramentoAQMB at https://t.co/6MIgPL93x1. https://t.co/dYCFq3nXFb

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Hospitals are supposed to be places of healing and recovery. I'm heartbroken by the senseless shooting that took three lives in Chicago yesterday. While we grieve for the victims and show gratitude to all our first responders, we must recommit to ending the gun violence epidemic.

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RT @IlhanMN: No one puts a scarf on my head but me. It’s my choice—one protected by the first amendment. And this is not the la… https://t.co/sLw3tuxaiD

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RT @TJCoxCongress: @NateSilver538 They said we lost on Election Night. Now? We're dead even, and every single vote is going to matter… https://t.co/QNbeykS1Z1

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It’s #MuralMonday! Today we’re featuring a #DTLA mural painted in 2015 by traveling muralist @Case_Maclaim. Find it on the corner of Flower St. and Olympic. Have a mural you want to share with #TeamGomez? Email it to us at CA34.Communications@mail.house.gov! https://t.co/y3Lyri4c2F

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I want to thank the thousands of Kansan who took the time to attend my Kansas Listening Tours and share their thoughts, concerns and ideas with me this Congress. These important townhall meetings continue to shape the work I am privileged do in Washington, D.C.

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RT @kevinroose: Today's top stories on Facebook* are from: 1. Ben Shapiro 2. Ben Shapiro 3. Daily Caller 4. 9Gag 5. TMZ 6. UNILAD… https://t.co/FGkoJXJnvC

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The administration's asylum ban is un-American. It violates both U.S. immigration law and our obligations under the 1951 Refugee Convention, adopted after the Holocaust. @RepRoybalAllbard and I broke this down for the Trump administration in a new letter. https://t.co/j4QLl7VaYH

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Look forward to debating this with you on the Senate floor!

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A trade agreement is no place for the adoption of social policy. As a sovereign nation, the U.S. has the right to decide when, whether and how to tackle issues of civil rights, protected classes, and workplace rights. That should be done legislatively. It's the job of Congress.

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I sent a letter, along with 45 of my congressional colleagues, to @POTUS urging him to remove the sexual orientation and gender identity language that Canada insisted on adding to the upcoming US-Mexico-Canada Agreement. My full statement: ↓ https://t.co/eTs4tvgReA

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Cuyahoga River project targets small tributary in Cuyahoga Valley National Park https://t.co/wvdnvU1Ckp

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This is the right call. This will be an important step to reduce access to e-cigarettes for America’s youth.

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Happy birthday to the 20th President of the United States, James A. Garfield! Did you know President Garfield was the last POTUS born in a log cabin? Although his life was cut short, his legacy of hard work and honesty lives on. #OH14.

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Are your deleted tweets displayed here but you think they shouldn't be? Here's how to let us know.