ODA-3134 Repair Shah Agha Maqsud Shrine Gardens

Planned Start Month

Feb. 2011

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Regional Command


Project Description

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Project Goals

The Shah Agha Maqsud Shrine is one of the three holiest Islamic sites in Afghanistan. Previous CERP projects have been focused on rehabilitating the shrine complex (to include a project completed last summer that refurbished the shrine structure itself). As the garden is separated from the shrine by the main road through Ziarat Village, the gardens have been overlooked in previous rehabilitation efforts. Repairing the gardens will help to return this important cultural complex to its pre-war state. Efforts have been made to identify a number of funding sources for the rehabilitation program in and around the shrine area. The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, US Agency for International Development and the US Department of State, have selected to repair other portions of the shrine. The gardens have been left without a donorreasonable measures have been taken to ensure that other aid and reconstruction funds (local, national, donor nation, non-government organization (NGO) or other resources) are not available for this specific project. This project is classified as a civic cleanup activity (parks), and a repair of a cultural facility (shrine) (DoD Financial Management Regulation, Volume 12, Chapter 27, Annex A, Paragraphs 3.B and 15.A respectively).


The gardens have been rehabilitated and its important Cultural Value.This project has been coordinated with other rehabilitation projects in preparation for Khakrez's hosting of the Naroz (Afghan New Year), provincial-wide celebration.


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Illustrations: Sarah Way for ProPublica. Data: Assembled from several different Department of Defense databases by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction and provided to ProPublica under a Freedom of Information Act Request.