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Norwegian jade b93244c14e2ca3977f0ff94708fb38080b1a4f617c68af011a2546ad554449cb

Image credit: VesselFinder

Norwegian Jade

Cruise Line: Norwegian »
Year Built
Registered In
Bahamas 4c71fb9851c6d2beb8b34e70f04a2f2e3ee4c25b3acf689d87d6a30bb8d1946eBahamas What's This Flag?


Federal health inspectors from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention inspect cruise ships twice a year, checking everything from kitchen equipment to dishwasher temperatures, and grade ships based on what they find. A score below 86 is considered failing. Cruise ships are also required to report all illness outbreaks affecting more than 3% of passengers or crew to the CDC. Inspections and outbreaks from 2010 to the present are shown below.

Health Scores & Inspections

None Reported

Illness Outbreaks

None Reported

Health Scores & Inspections: Details


Serious crimes and injuries on cruise ships that make port in the U.S. are required to be reported to the Coast Guard. Smaller-scale crimes and thefts are reported to local police authorities (if reported at all). Incidents and inspections from 2010 to the present are shown below.

Crimes & Incidents

None Reported

Coast Guard Inspections

None Reported

Coast Guard Inspections: Details
Crimes & Incidents: Details

Illustrations: Josh Cochran, special to ProPublica. Data: Coast Guard Port State Information eXchange, Coast Guard Incident Investigative Reports, Coast Guard Marine Casualties & Pollution Data, IMO GISIS Marine Casualties, CDC Inspections & Deficiencies, CDC Outbreaks, CruisePage Man Overboard List, Local crime reports gathered by reporters Lynn Walsh & Dan Krauth, other local crime reports. Photos: VesselFinder. Icons: Jessica Lock, Juan Pablo Bravo,Hans Gerhard Meier.

1Details in these illustrations are inspired by David Foster Wallace's A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again. References to his seven night experience aboard the Nadir are hidden throughout. How many have you seen? Psst. Here are the answers.